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Winter Haven, Florida Obamacare Insurance

Obamacare Insurance Enrollment in Winter Haven, Florida

The city of Winter Haven is situated at Central Florida in the United States and comes under the Polk County jurisdiction. The city constitutes of 4 districts Interlaken, Downtown Winter Haven, Pope Avenue and Winter Haven Heights. The Interlaken district is known for its homes, as they display great architectural beauty and grace. Area In terms of Area, the city is spread across 39.93 square miles and being landlocked on all sides about 31.30 square miles is surrounded by land. The rest of the area is constituted by water. Population The population of Winter Haven is very less as compared to other cities of Florida. 

In 2010, the total population was around 33784 and increased to 38953 by 2017. History The earliest inhabitants of Winter Haven were the Calusa and the Timucua people, but by the 19th Century all traces of these two groups were lost owning to rampant spread of diseases and due to continuous wars with the Spanish. In 1819 the United States government took possession of this place by signing the Adams-Onis treaty. By 1842 the first American and European settlers started to immigrate here. Later with the introduction of the railroad, Winter Havens was connected with the rest of the country and population started to increase and so did its economy. 

During the 1920’s when property prices soared in the state of Florida, many construction projects were initiated and the city grew substantially. Education The Public School advisory committee of the Polk County operates the public schools in Winter Haven. Some of the public schools are: Oasis Christian Academy Inwood Elementary Polk State College Ride Technical College Eagle Lake Elementary Places to See There are numerous places of interest in Winter Haven. The most famous are the: Legoland Florida Resort Bok Tower Gardens Lego Ninjago World Lake Eloise Pirate’s Cove Lake Dexter Trailhead Park Playground River Ranch Healthcare Scenario Polk County comes under the “Area 53” of the state of Florida and hence all the cities that come under this County are offered a total of 49 plans under the Affordable Care Act. 

All the residents are mandated to purchase some form of health care insurance if otherwise exempted. Residents who fail to purchase a valid insurance within the Open Enrollment Period are subjected to a heavy fine at the end of the year. The residents who are unable to purchase any insurance or in some form not able to meet the regular installments due to low family income are provided subsidies by the government. The residents can avail medical services at all times in below hospitals: Winter Haven Hospital Winter Haven Women’s Hospital Bond Clinic Gessler Clinic For gathering more information about Obamacare plans and their rates one can always visit the marketplace website that is hosted by the federal government or can contact with the health insurance provider directly or get in contact with an insurance agent who has been licensed by the government.

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