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Why Obamacare Guaranteed Coverage for Preexisting Conditions Matters?

Why Obamacare Guaranteed Coverage for Preexisting Conditions Matters?

Under the Presidential rule of Donald Trump as the Republicans prepare to repeal or undo the Patient Protection and Affordable Care law supporters of the law warned that the repeal of the act will leave millions of seriously or critically ill people or patients unable to buy health insurance plans. President Barak Obama states that the repeal of the law will mean going back to discriminating against Americans with pre-existing conditions. The repeal would leave many of the people to live without any kind of treatment and it may lead to the death as well because without any kind of health insurance coverage or with high level of premiums in health insurance plans it will force many Americans to spend extra bucks that many of the citizens may not be able to afford. But before discussing any point it is pertinent to understand what is Obama care and pre-existing condition under the act. Let us now discuss the points.

What are Obama care and pre-existing condition?

Obama Healthcare can be denoted as health insurance plans as well as related industry reforms under the supervision or concern of President Obama in the year 2010. The Affordable Care Act or (ACA) also known as “Obama care” can be considered as a milestone set by the Obama Government in the nation of the United States. With the advent of ACA or Obama Care, it created vibes throughout the country. The pre-existing condition under the act states to be a particular condition where a patient is suffering from certain health conditions preceding or prior to applying for health insurance policy.

Obama care further defines a pre-existing condition to be a situation where a patient is suffering from a specific life- taking or threatening ailments like that of cancer or people with a weak heart condition or who suffered from heart attack.  The purview of the pre-existing condition also covers people having or suffering from blood sugar, blood pressure, poor vision problem, etc. Previously, under such a circumstance people were denied any medical policy after their application. Before the launching of ACA, laws were not made to include such patients under the purview of healthcare policy.

Why coverage of Pre-existing patients matters?

Obama care guarantees a consistent and same premium for every individual under the same age group in spite of them having any pre-existing condition. And, this guaranteed coverage is quite essential because of the following facts-

  1. As per specific statistical reports and data interpretations approximately around 50 to 120 million Americans under the age of 65 years are suffering from pre-existing conditions and the number is quite huge. And, for this reason, if there is no guaranteed coverage this chunk of the population would get affected.
  2. Before the advent of the Obama care, many Americans around one to every five citizens suffered from pre-existing conditions and they remained uninsured. But after the launch of the law, the number of uninsured declined.
  3. A study conducted in the year 2007 observed that approximately around 36% of American had been denied coverage or charged a higher premium rate due to preexisting conditions where many families had an income below the poverty line.

All these discussions establish the fact that guaranteed coverage of pre-existing conditions really matters or is crucial for providing proper medical service to the citizens.

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