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What States Are Most Popular with Obamacare

What States Are Most Popular with Obamacare

Health Care has always been one of the most grossly overlooked sector in the US. Millions of Americans who fall under the poverty line are denied basic medical treatment as they are not able to pay for them and neither can afford to purchase costly health insurance schemes. Although there is considerable advancement as compared to previous decade with the introduction of new schemes and huge private investment but still lack of a central regulatory authority to exercise control, obtaining timely payments and subsidies still alludes a huge mass of the general population. The Affordable Care Act was introduced in 2013 and mandated that every state increase their limit of Medicaid. According to a study published by the “Kaiser Family Foundation” by 2015 total 28 states and the Columbian district had signed up for it. However considering the fact that not all states have their own insurance exchange and some provide subsidies to encourage its residents to purchase private insurance coverage, the Supreme Court ruled out the compulsory inclusion of the states  under the act and provided every state the flexibility to choose to expand their insurance schemes at their own pace. Following the order from Supreme Court as many as 17 states opted out and 5 states were considering their options by the end of 2015.

The Open Enrollment period for the ACA ended in March 2018 and as per statistics, the list of top states are:

  1. Florida
  2. California
  3. Texas
  4. North Carolina
  5. Virginia
  6. Pennsylvania
  7. Illinois
  8. Michigan
  9. New Jersey
  10. Massachusetts

Florida ranked the highest with around 1.7 million people signing up, followed by California and Texas which crossed the 1.5 million and 1.1 million mark respectively. However the prospects for the rest of the states looked quite bleak and the numbers dwindled at a faster rate with some of the states barely scraping the 30 thousand mark. Comparing this result with last year’s turnout Kentucky has seen a rise of around 10%  in the number of new enrollees, followed by Minnesota and Hawaii where new enrollees increased by around 5% , followed by 2% increase in Connecticut. The stats for the rest of the states have dropped down with Arizona currently ranking at the bottom with a net decrease of -16% in the number of enrollees. Judging by the figures provided by leading agencies the popularity of the Obama Care act is on the decreasing in majority of the states. The major reason for this is the recent political upheaval and increase in rate of insurance premiums every year. However if we dig dip we will find that states like Florida, California and Texas provide its residents with a host of new schemes to choose from even if the rates of one scheme increases. Moreover Florida has as much as six carriers from which the residents can get a quote, finally settling in with the one that most suitably serves their health care needs. Such a wide array of options is not provided in majority of the states, with some even having only one carrier.

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