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What is Trumpcare and the effects of the Act?

What is Trumpcare and the Effects of the Act?

Every nation needs to consider and plan the healthcare sector deeply to provide necessary medical guidance under its realm or umbrella. Health care is a critical section or genre that requires proper care and attention. Each year almost every country spends millions of bucks in the healthcare segment for ensuring appropriate medical benefits to its citizens. Health tops the priority list of every country because without good human resource we cannot expect a nation to progress in its future endeavours. Healthcare industry is also a complicated event even conceded by the present President of United States Donald Trump. And to guide or to provide a proper shape and size to the healthcare segment of America President Trump has introduced a set of new health care reform or collection of new rules that are acceptable to the world as “Trump Care”.

Trumpcare, an explanation.

“Trump Care” is a moniker provided to the American Health Care Act or (ACHA). The bill or the legislation mainly drafted to give a shape to the Obama care act. The draft of ACHA prepared under the guidance and supervision of President Trump’s Republican Party, and Paul Rayan, the House speaker, has espoused the same. After failing several attempts made by the Republicans to pass the reform laws in the Congress. The White House showcased it executive orders to reverse the healthcare reforms by President Obama known as Obama care. Throughout the presidential campaign of Donald Trump during the presidential election in 2016 talked about to repeal the law and to reform the current Obama care or the Affordable Care Act bill. Now, after his selection as the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump more intrusively approached for reform and repeal of the existing healthcare. But as per the law of the United States, a replacement of Obama care would require around sixty votes in the Senate for completely restructuring or reforming the bill.

When did Trump Care become effective?

Trump care plan is a replacement of the Affordable Care Act. The Republican Party from the beginning had promised to repeal the Obama health care reform as it passed in the year 2010 without any single vote from the Republican Party. At that juncture, the Republicans tried to withhold the ACA norms and regulations, but that passed under the supervision and guidance of President Obama. The ACHA bill first passed the House of Representatives on 4th May with a margin of 217-213. The law passed in the House, but it stalled in the Senate. At present scenario, a panel of senators has undertaken the duty of drafting the bill with no specified dateline. The law passed in the Senate as a reconciliation of budget and as a part of the federal budget of 2017. The Trumpcare bill proposed to restructure some of the essential aspects of the pre-existing Obamacare law like employer mandate, the individual mandate and some section of the taxes as well as the federal government’s Medicaid program. As per some of the reports published by the Congressional Budget Office mentions that the American Health Care Act or (ACHA) in tenure of ten years will bring 23 million Americans under the coverage of health or medical insurance and related services. According to the report concerning monetary benefit, it says that the Trump care legislation would decrease a budget deficit of the federal government by 119 million dollars in the same mentioned period. And this will mainly become possible by diminishing the Medicaid health insurance program provided to the poor as well as the middle-income group of the United States of America.

Effect of Trump Care policy

  1. i) Under ACHA, the “individual mandate” proposed by the Affordable Care Act for health insurance sector would abrogate.
  2. ii) Tax credits would instead replace subsidies provided to lower income section of the United States of America.

iii) People have the right to obtain for waivers related to health and medical sector.

  1. iv) Under the new ACHA reforms, the state has the right to get an increased rate of premium or cost for pre-existing conditions.
  2. v) The new health reform under President Trump abolished Medicaid program that gained momentum under President Obama.

Obama Healthcare Reform and its flaws.

  1. i) As a part of the health care reform, a vindictive tax levied on the sale of medical equipment starting from a pacemaker to x-ray machine as a result of which people under the law was forced to pay extra cost on medical ground.
  2. ii)  The bill burdens taxpayers with a penalty charge if they do not possess any insurance policy. In other words, if you don’t own medical insurance better get prepared to pay some extra bucks from your pocket.

iii) Taxes were going up with the advent or launching of the Affordable Care Act. The federal government created a new tax system for the Americans with higher income. However, some expert economists opined that in the long run, the fiscal deficit would no longer prevail. The ACA legislation is subject to change through amendments, and expectation remains that with all its pros and cons the health care reform will progress under the future administration.

Essential features that Trump care bill plan to change. The ten most essential things or features that Trump care has considered changing after the successful passing of the law in the legislation follows- 1) The Trump care health reforms under the guidance of President Donald Trump proposed to replace Obama care’s premium subsidies with that of tax credits. Trump care, unlike Obama care, keeps a provision in the law that does not make purchasing of health insurance mandatory like that of Obama Care. Trump care reform allows health insurance service providers to levy a penalty of thirty per cent on those who purchase a health care policy after an inconsistency or gap of sixty-three days. The legislation further adds that an amount of incentive to be given to the citizens to purchase a health insurance plan or policy.   2) The Trump care law proposed to replace Obama care subsidies offered on premium rates by tax credits. Previously, under The Affordable Care Act, individuals would be provided with grants on health care plan that initially helped Americans to purchase medical policies. But this provision will be replaced by tax credits for individuals who are not covered by any health insurance plan provided by the employer or by any government program. The praises of the taxes will vary from 2000 to 14000 dollars.   3) The Trump care bill suggests repealing the “Individual mandate” stated by the Obama health care reforms.  But it is pertinent for us to know how this would affect the health care scenario of the United States of America? Repealing the individual mandate will not compel the healthful Americans to register or to sign up for a health care policy. The Health Savings Account (HAS) along with low premium rates will allow or offer the best medical insurance terms and conditions to the younger generation as well as the healthy citizens of the country. Whereas, the lower-income group may not become beneficial from this act. 4) Under the purview of Trump administration and Trump care bill, the “ten essential benefits” provided by the real Obama health care reforms changed. These ten essential benefits include maternity care, behavioural and mental health, discount or subsidy on prescribed medical drugs, preventive care, skill services of medical practitioners including doctors and nurses, hospitalisation services, emergency services, services on preventive care, laboratory care services as well as discounts provided on substance abuse services. The trump care bill will help to allow states for remission. And it will help to reduce the total healthcare coverage expense and will relatively increase the number of beneficiaries under a health insurance program. 5) Under the realm of Obama care aged or older citizens of the country had to pay less. The Medicare Advantage program as it said allowed a person ageing sixty-five years or above to apply for subsidy under the health insurance plan. But the Trump care bill does slash the advantage and charges five times more than that of the younger generation. 6) Under the umbrella of Trump care bill patients with pre-existing conditions had to pay more. The pre-existing condition stated by the Obama care reforms says that a patient suffering from life-threatening diseases like cancer, neurological disorders, heart problems, etc. or a patient suffering from chronic diseases like blood sugar, arthritis, kidney disease, etc. and even pregnant women will fall under this condition. And under this circumstance, people will have to pay less and the health insurance service provider cannot charge extra amount from these patients. But under Trump care bill it allows insurers to charge more under such situation. However, the Trump care legislation further states that pre-existing condition patients will only pay more if they have a gap in coverage.   7) Trump care bill provides for specific subsidies for certain pre-existing condition patients. The Trump care plan will provide approximately around 8 billion dollars to states if they apply for the tax waivers. The polity will also receive more than 100 million dollars to increase health care insurance programs at various provincial level. 8) The Affordable Care Act bill provided strict guidelines on how the coverage on the health insurance market or sector could offer. Under the ACA bill, several levels of medical insurance coverage stated, and each of the plans had explicitly stated features. However, under Trump administration, the federal government want to allow Americans to customise their insurance plans and policies. It further says that various features or elements on health insurance plan will remain and customers can select and add features according to their will in their health insurance plan. 9) President Donald Trump under his guidelines has entirely repealed the Medicaid expansion plans to the states. Previously under Obama care funds were sanctioned for Medicaid expansion and covering people under the mentioned plan. Trump care says that states will receive a minimum amount against a beneficiary. 10) The Trump care bill rigorously expands Health Savings Account (HSA). It states that the maximum amount of annual health savings contribution for individuals will amount approximately more than three thousand million dollars and for families, it can range around six thousand five hundred and seventy million dollars. 11) Trump care health reform bill repeals consumer taxes set by the Obama care legislation. Previously, a list of charges levied on several heads like a tax on medical devices, tax on certain drugs, indoor tanning services, tax for higher-income Americans and on many more categories. At the current scenario, Trump care legislation entirely takes off all these taxes. 

Pros and cons of Trump care legislation.


  1. i) Trump care has proven beneficial for a large company or business proprietors. The law tries to help out large farms by reducing the number of taxes that levied previously on them. But specific changes were not witnessed for any small or medium sized business owners.
  2. ii) Trump care bill will allow the Democrats to extend or to expand their government by repealing Medicaid program.

iii) Trump care will provide significant benefit to people of every level of income especially to the middle-income group, and it can help anyone who did had a health insurance coverage.

  1. iv) Trump care legislation helped to provide a fresh start to the health insurance sector of the United States of America. It opted for a refreshed healthcare scenario for the country.
  2. v) Trump care though adopted provisions mentioned in the Obama care bill, it did not state every provision of the Affordable Care Act. It only redefined some of the essential features of the Obama care act.


  1. i) One of the most significant flaws of Trump care bill is that it made the lower-income group suffer more. The law acted constructively for the more affluent section as well as the big venture owners.
  2. ii) After launching ACHA consumers or the customers, will have to pay thirty per cent more amount on premiums of health insurance plans for one year if they miss a coverage for more than two consecutive months.

iii) Trump Care bill removes the Employer mandate that can act valuable for employees and employers who used to possess a high-cost health insurance plan. But those employees depending on the health insurance provided by the employer will no more remain under coverage after launching of the legislation.

  1. iv) Under the Trump care, the age-based credits to be recouped by tax credits and the Americans can no longer avail for the pocket benefit.

Obama Care health reforms remained the priority of the United States of America. On September 2017 the bill passed from the Senate of the nation and the draft bill repealed the structures of the Obama Healthcare reforms or the Affordable Care Act. However, due to lack of support, the law was not wholly voted. And on 12th October 2017, President Donald Trump due to the failure of Congress to pass the reform issued an executive order to promote the ACHA reform.

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