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What is Open Enrollment Period

What is Open Enrollment Period

Recent research and analysis say that from the time the Affordable Care Act launched under the nickname of “Obama care Health Reform” in March 2010, the health and the allied sector has witnessed a rapid boost and development in the medical as well as the health insurance sector of the market. Under the purview of the Obama care state enrollment program, it became a mandatory act to own or purchase health insurance and remain under the coverage at times of medical need.  The Affordable Care Act mission (ACA) mainly concentrated on the healthcare section or segment in the United States of America. The legislation made radical changes across the country. It helped to reconstruct the total medical set up as well as the fiscal scenario of the United States of America. The whole process of the reform and reconstruction of the law took place under the then President Barak Obama. The bill is a kind of landmark reform that passed under the 111th Congress under the guidelines of Obama. The Obama care annual enrollment Program helped to create exchanges for health insurance that also noted as marketplaces. This exchange benefits customers to browse through the health insurance policies and purchase the suitable one as per their demand. These medical insurance marketplaces are modeled in such a manner that it becomes accessible through websites, call-centers or via persons.

What is Open Enrollment Program or OEP under Obama Care?

The Annual enrollment or open enrollment program stated under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care law nicknamed as Obama care can be defined as a specific tenure or period when the dwellers of the United States can sign up or register their names for health insurance plans or programs. Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care bill an Open Enrolment Period or in short OEP can be explained as the best possible time for enrolling in health insurance plans and omitting this tenure can lead to face particular difficulties. Generally, the OEP cycle lasts for around three months. But an exact period cannot be fixed for enrolment as it depends upon the authority.

2018 Open Enrollment Program.

The open enrollment period in the year 2018 started from November 1, 2017, and lasted till January 1, 2018.  In this tenure, approximately over 11.8 million people across fifty states in the United States of America registered and renewed their health insurance policies through marketplaces. Around 27 percent of Americans choosing a strategy was denoted as new consumers. In this tenure, approximately around 70 % population selected a gold plan, 63% people selected the silver plan, and around twenty-nine percent selected the bronze plan.

2019 Open Enrollment Program.

2019 Open Enrollment Period or OEP will start from November 1 and will continue till December 15, 2018. And the 15th of December is the last chance for enrolling in Obama care selected or chosen a policy without being eligible for Special Enrollment Program.

Registering or enrolling during this time frame helps people to avail premium tax credits as well as subsidies for purchasing policies.

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