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What is Obamacare?

The Fundamentals of Obamacare

The Affordable Care Act made the headlines of the newspaper a lot lately because of its initiatives to revamp the health sector of the United States of America. What is Obama Health Care Reform? “Obama care” is a moniker or sobriquet used for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The healthcare initiative is considered to be one of the massive health care reforms identified in the United States of America. The bill to be treated as one of the most controversial act since the advent of the Social Security Act, the year 1935. In the United States, the reform executed under the United States Congress. And the plan with due consideration and guidelines from President Obama gathered momentum and achieved prominence in the healthcare sector of the country. Initially, the name “Obama care” was given or provided by the opponents of Obama and the President later embraced the name as per his opinion the name denoted his care and affection for the people of the country as well as for their health. President Obama during his tenure as the President of United States from the year 2009 – 2017 advocated as a patron to successfully establish the health care reform within the country. Due to the advent of Obama care enrollment, more people came under the purview of the ACA insurance policy. The Affordable Care Act’s major provisions went into the field and mainly changed the healthcare and health insurance sector. The primary or the sole objective of the Act was to provide healthcare insurance benefit for every American if not under the coverage of any health care policy. According to specific statistical reports and data interpretation more than 20 million people got enrolled or taken under the aegis of the healthcare bill. And this massive enrollment indeed shaped the medical as well as the health insurance section of the country. Due to the launching of this act, it helped to widen the scope of providing subsidies for the lower and middle-income families of the country; it keeps an eye on the healthcare insurance providers and at the same time taxes higher earners. The healthcare mandate got launched in the year 2010, on March 23.

Who does the Affordable Care Act affect?

The Affordable Care Act affected mostly to the Americans not covered with a healthcare insurance plan. And also to those who were not ecstatic with the existing health insurance plan provided by their employer. Essential terminology that is vital to understand the Affordable Care Act. The Affordable Care Act is quite complicated, and it is pertinent to know some concepts or terminologies. “Ten essential health benefit” – Under the purview of ACA, it is binding on the part of the insurance service provider to cover up or to provide health care service on ten essential categories that can be listed below –

i) Providing preventive care and disease management to a patient, that includes a visit to a doctor or a physician, woman health protection and care, medications, dental care, skin care, cholesterol, etc. can effectively prevent ailments if they are detected early.

ii) Expert care for maternity and newborn child.

iii) Rebate on prescribed drugs.

iv) Care for outpatients.

v) Specialist care for patients admitted to a hospital.

vi) Providing emergency room services.

vii) Giving cost-benefit on laboratory and clinical test viii) Providing pediatric care.

ix) To administer behavioral and mental health treatment.

x) To manage services on devices that help people to deal with chronic ailments.  

Health Insurance market – The healthcare insurance exchange or health care insurance market generally allows a person to check, compare as well as purchase health insurance plan. Those who did not invest or enrolled for health insurance on stipulated time provided for open enrollment in Obamacare health insurance plan will not be able to have insurance through an exchange. Federal Poverty guidelines– Federal poverty guidelines is a level set by the federal government to check and determine who is thriving in poverty. Obama care health reforms expanded Medicaid plans and programs to those who make 133 per cent or less to that of the federal poverty level. And at the same time, people who make 400 per cent or less to that of federal poverty level tax credit or tax waivers are provided to them.



Essential aims and goals of Obamacare.

Some of the necessary and most vital goals that we need to know for the understanding of  Obama care enrollment –

  1. i) To bring more Americans under the purview or guidance of the health insurance sector that proves to be affordable for the people of the United States.
  2. ii) To focus on the changing of overall structure and scenario of the medical and health-related segment of the United States of America.

iii) To bestow with health insurance service the uninsured Americans.

  1. iv) To contemplate and consider the health and medical condition of the poor or people who fall under the lower income group. The bill tried to throw light notably on the situation of the lower income section of the society. The legislation attempted to spread or to bring more people under the purview of Medicaid whose income is generally under 133% of the property level of the federation or federal property level.  
  2. v) To supervise and to monitor the healthcare sector as well as the health insurance segment of the United States of America.
  3. vi) To reconstruct or reform the private insurance market through which especially individuals and small group purchasers or business owners can effectively become beneficial.

vii)  To reduce healthcare costs for making it much more affordable for the people of America. The legislation suggested lowering the cost of medical expenses and improving and enhances the medical care and facilities in a modern, innovative way. So, it proposed a provision that tried to provide subsidies that lower the household costs with income from 100% to 400% of the federal level of the property.

What are the facets of the healthcare reform bill?

The Obama health care reform bill is the most significant health care reform in the history of the United States, and also a complicated process to understand. So, to follow the law at a glance let take a look of some important aspect or significance’s of the act-

  1. i) The primary aim of Obamacare is to improve primary health and medical conditions of all Americans, to ensure them with better therapeutic efficacy.
  2. ii) The law focuses or includes the provision that states to reduce cost and expansion of Medicare spending.

iii) Obama care enrollment program abolishes any gender discrimination so that not a single entity is forced to stop or drop down their healthcare policy.

  1. iv) The law restricts health insurance service providers to charge extra cost for premiums for patients suffering from pre-existing ailments or diseases. Pre-existing condition as stated by the healthcare charter indicates that if a person is suffering from life-threatening illness before applying for health care policy, or is suffering from any chronic diseases, then any insurance company or insurance service provider will not be able to charge any extra bucks for that scenario.
  2. v) Under the law, any legal American citizen can come under the grasp of healthcare policy if the individual is not satisfied with the existing healthcare policy provided by its employer.
  3. vi) Obamacare bill offers an opportunity for delivering subsidies to its citizens based on their income and especially to the lower and middle-income families of the country.
  4. vi) It states that if a health insurance plan does not cover a child who is dependent on their family can come under the purview of their parent’s plan until the age of 26.

vii) Obamacare seeks to protect every separate entity from being dropped or denied care while sick because of a fixed lifetime limit. viii) The bill ensures and includes a provision that highlights the expenditure of premium dollar gained by the insurance service providers on health care services. It further states that insurance companies should spend around eighty-five per cent of revenues earned from premiums in the healthcare sector and essential medical services.

Obama Healthcare Reform and its flaws.

  1. i) As a part of the health care reform, a vindictive tax levied on the sale of medical equipment starting from a pacemaker to x-ray machine as a result of which people under the law was forced to pay extra cost on medical ground.
  2. ii)  The bill burdens taxpayers with a penalty charge if they do not possess any insurance policy. In other words, if you don’t own medical insurance better get prepared to pay some extra bucks from your pocket.

iii) Taxes were going up with the advent or launching of the Affordable Care Act. The federal government created a new tax system for the Americans with higher income. However, some expert economists opined that in the long run, the fiscal deficit would no longer prevail. The ACA legislation is subject to change through amendments, and expectation remains that with all its pros and cons the health care reform will progress under the future administration.

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