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What Is Free Contraception for Employees at Exempt Employers with Obamacare

What Is Free Contraception for Employees at Exempt Employers with Obamacare

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) or health care legislation of 0bama care is related to construction or reformation of the health care sector or section of the United States of America. The health care mandate was signed under the guidelines of the then president of the United States Barak Obama. The launch of the legislation in the year 2010 created a ripple throughout the country as the law helped to recreate or reconstruct the total health care scenario of the nation. The health care law is one of the most divisive parts of the health care section of the society.

Impact of Obama Care in short.

  1. i)    The legislation focuses on “10 essential health benefits”. These ten health care benefits are services that made to comply with or accord with the Affordable Care Act or ACA. The “10 essential health benefits scheme” includes women health, child health as well as adult health.
  2. ii)    ACA reaches to people or has proved to be beneficial for those who are suffering from pre-existing health conditions, like if a person is suffering from a disease like tuberculosis, cancer, etc.  Under the rules of ACA, everyone needs to be covered up by health insurance.

iii)  The Affordable Care reform has extended its arms to people suffering from chronic ailments. It has abolished any definite timeline and specific cost provided by insurance companies to patients.

  1. iv)  Under the bill costs of prescribed drugs became relatively cheaper than yesteryears. Previous observation states that many people including senior citizens have not been able to afford medications properly due to higher costs. It was after ACA that prescribed drugs became more affordable than before.

Apart, from all these benefits the health care legislation also states for the free access to contraception for employees under exempt employers. But, the question arises what is free access to contraception for employees under exempt employers? Let us explain the same.

What is free access to contraception for employees under exempt employers?

One of the most controversial, as well as an arguable component of the Affordable Care law, is the contraception or free access to contraception methods, especially under exempt employers. The contraception mandate of the Obama health care law offers to provide free contraception under health care insurance plans provided by employers who act as an insurer for its employees and assumes financial risk for the plan. The mandate farther states that the self-insured or plans provided by employers need to have or need to cover preventive care for women including methods of contraception that does not require or need to share of costing or providing extra premium rates. The preventive services for women that cannot be charged extra have been defined by the Institute of Medicine Expert Committee states that women preventive care services would include services like screening for sexually transmitted diseases, coverage of contraception as well as annual health check-ups.

Final Rule for Religious employers.

Under the Final Rules issued by the Obama, care makes it much easier for religious employers to be assisted with an exemption or dispensation by the mandate to help provide contraception. It states that employers need not to arrange for coverage of contraception but employees will be able to connect with contraceptive services with no added third-party costs till they are under employer plan.

The mandate has indeed helped women to take proper care for their health with no added cost.

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