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What If A Person Misses Deadline for ACA? ​

What If A Person Misses Deadline for ACA? ​

The Affordable Care Act mission (ACA) mainly focus on the healthcare section or segment in the United States of America. The legislation made radical changes across the country. Under the Affordable Care Act that is generally known as Obama care helped to create exchanges for health insurance that also noted as marketplaces. This exchange or markets benefit customers to browse through the health insurance policies and purchase the suitable one as per their demand. These health insurance exchanges modeled in such a manner that it becomes accessible through websites, call-centers or via persons. One of the most important or notable tenures or time frame where the citizens can enroll or register their names are through Open Enrollment Period or OEP.  Now, the question may arise what is an OEP? And what will happen if that OEP is missed?

Open Enrollment Period in short.

OEP or Open Enrollment Period or tenure is a special tenure that comes annually when the citizens of the nation or country can enroll their names for health insurance plans or programs. Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care bill an Open Enrolment Period is granted as the best possible time for enrolling in health insurance plans and missing this tenure can lead to face particular difficulties. Generally, the OEP cycle lasts for around three months. But an exact period cannot be fixed for enrolment as it depends upon the authority.  During this period of time, one can choose and shop for the best possible medical insurance plans and can also avail for premium subsidies.


What happens if you miss the deadline?

In case if you have missed the deadline for enrolling yourself through the stipulated time frame then there are other options also available. The options can be discussed below-

  1. Enrolling through a Special Enrollment Period or SEP due to certain life circumstances or life event. A special enrollment period or tenure can be defined as an opportunity for a person thriving in the country to avail a health insurance policy outside of the regular open enrollment or OEP. Certain life events can help you to make eligible for SEP. Life events can be specified as -a) Life event can happen if anyone is trying to change residential address or trying to relocate to the U.S. from a foreign land. b) A health insurance coverage may begin as soon as you adopt a child, have a baby or having a foster child with you. The insurance coverage will start from the particular moment. c) If by chance death occurs to any person in your health insurance plan that causes you to lose eligibility for your current health insurance coverage.
  2. A person may also opt or qualify for health insurance plans like Medicaid or CHIP. Medicaid and CHIP are generally two state-run programs that certify individuals and families for free or low-cost healthcare plans.
  3. One can also opt for a short-term health insurance plan. These plans are designed to protect from sudden illness or injuries.

From the above discussion it is clear that if by chance anyone in the country fails to register for any health insurance plan within a set deadline then he or she opt for other options available in the market.

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