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Trumpcare vs Obamacare

Trumpcare vs Obamacare

Health segment is a vital requirement for every country and requires special care and attention for developing a nation properly with dynamic presentation and growth. Healthcare industry is also a complicated event even conceded by the present President of United States Donald Trump. And to guide or to provide a proper shape and size to the healthcare segment of America President Trump has introduced a set of new health care reform or collection of new rules that are accepted to the world as “Trump Care“.  

What is Trump Care?

“Trump Care” is an epithet given to the American Health Care Act or (ACHA). The bill or the legislation mainly drafted to provide a shape to the Obama care act. The draft of ACHA prepared under the guidance and supervision of President Trump’s Republican Party, and Paul Rayan, the House speaker, has espoused the same. After failing several attempts made by the Republicans to pass the reform laws in the Congress. The White House showcased it executive orders to reverse the healthcare reforms by President Obama known as Obama care. When did Trump Care become effective? Trump care plan is a replacement of the Affordable Care Act. The Republican Party from the beginning had promised to repeal the Obama health care reform as it passed in the year 2010 without any single vote from the Republican Party. At that juncture, the Republicans tried to withhold the ACA norms and regulations, but that passed under the supervision and guidance of President Obama. The ACHA bill first passed the House of Representatives on 4th May with a margin of 217-213. The law passed in the House, but it stalled in the Senate. At present scenario, a panel of senators has undertaken the duty of drafting the bill with no specified dateline.

Effect of Trump Care policy

  1. i) Under ACHA, the “individual mandate” proposed by the Affordable Care Act for health insurance sector would abrogate.
  2. ii) Tax credits would instead replace subsidies provided to lower income section of the United States of America.

iii) People have the right to obtain for waivers related to health and medical sector.

  1. iv) Under the new ACHA reforms, the state has the right to get an increased rate of premium or cost for pre-existing conditions.
  2. v) The new health reform under President Trump abolished Medicaid program that gained momentum under President Obama.

What is Obamacare?

Obama Healthcare if we try to define the same it can be denoted as health insurance plans as well as related industry reforms under the supervision or concern of President Obama passed in the year 2010. After the launch of ACA re, it created vibes throughout the country. “Obama Care” is the nickname provided to the Affordable Care Act. In the United States, the reform executed under the United States Congress. Previously the law was known as The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). And the plan with due consideration from President Obama gathered momentum and achieved prominence. The term “Obamacare” was first introduced by the opponents and the president later himself embraced the word. ACA helped to increase the number of ordinary people holding a health insurance policy. Due to which more people came under the purview of the ACA insurance policy. The Affordable Care Act’s major provisions went into the field and mainly changed the healthcare and health insurance sector. As per reports and analysis, more than 20 million people came under the purview of health insurance. ACA bill made it mandatory for citizens to hold a health insurance policy. The boost was also due to the introduction of new taxes, rate cuts, and new investments to the Medicare provider and Medicare Advantage plan. This rise also majorly changed the financial as well as the budget sector of the health industry in the United States of America. It revamped the individual insurance market; people purchased their policies and Medicaid which is a program for the lower income group in America expanded rapidly. Impact of Obama Care in short

i)    The legislation focuses on “10 essential health benefits”. These ten health care benefits are services that made to comply with or accord with the Affordable Care Act or ACA. The “10 essential health benefits scheme” includes women health, child health as well as adult health.

ii)    ACA reaches to people or has proved to be beneficial for those who are suffering from pre-existing health conditions, like if a person is suffering from a disease like tuberculosis, cancer, etc.  Under the rules of ACA, everyone needs to be covered up by health insurance.

  iii)  The Affordable Care reform has extended its arms to people suffering from chronic ailments. It has abolished any definite timeline and specific cost provided by insurance companies to patients.  

iv)  Under the bill costs of prescribed drugs became relatively cheaper than yesteryears. Previous observation states that many people including senior citizens have not been able to afford medications properly due to higher costs. It was after ACA that prescribed drugs became more affordable than before.


Differences between Obama Care and Trump care

From the above-mentioned vital features of both the healthcare reforms, the differences can quickly be sorted out. 1) According, to the individual mandate of Obamacare enrollment any entity who will not own policy, will be charged with a penalty. The charges to be paid for any month when a person is not having medical insurance. Trump care, abolishes such policy it provides impetus to a consumer with a medical plan. 2) ACHA charges more premium rate for patients or individuals with pre-existing and chronic diseases. ACA restricted health insurance service providers to levy an additional charge on people with pre-existing conditions. 3) The ten essential health benefit that was prevalent under ACA norms that covered maternity and child care, rebate on prescribed drugs got eliminated under Trump care plans. 4) Observation and analysis state that Trump care is subject to make more changes and reforms in the health insurance market by changing the structure of subsidies provided to the middle and lower- income group if compared with Obama care reforms. From the above analysis, we can readily point out that both the healthcare policies have made a radical change in the health sector of the United States.

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