Gone are the days when doctors could stamp a heavy bill on their patients even for providing basic health treatments. The Affordable Care Act ensures that doctors are held accountable for any misguided action on their part to extract hefty amounts in the name of treatment or force patients and their families to undergo extreme emotional trauma by sitting in long queues even in times of emergency. Under this Act, any and all doctors will be compensated based on the way they treat their patients. Hence catering to the needs of the patient and providing them with a good and timely service becomes the utmost importance for all doctors. This has significantly lowered the rate of misdiagnoses and prescription of wrong or unwanted medication manifolds in all the states across the US. Efficient The Affordable Care Act has come a long way in increasing transparency and aligning the health care services and practices provided in the US on long term basis. Initiating new means for payments and delivery system and increased accountability on the part of both the doctors and insurers have molded the thinking of the general public towards purchasing long term medical insurance policies. The Act has already been a tremendous success and keeps on going strong as time progress, attracting more and more American families under its umbrella. This inclusion of private investments also aids in maximizing the potential for further reforms. The act has paved a way of safety, security and greater efficiency of the American Health Care system. Moreover inculcating an atmosphere of information sharing among the various government bodies have not only helped patients in understanding their appropriate health needs but also reduced the need for medical treatment on a whole. Basically the part where this act has performed the best is to progress not only the whole population but also Extension of other Insurance Schemes One of the most important key points about Obamacare that often tends to get overlooked is that it provides an extension on current Health Insurance Plan. For example low income holders who are already covered under the Medicaid Insurance Scheme can tend to earn more benefits when they enroll for this scheme. Even personnel who are already covered under their employer’s insurance scheme can avail this scheme. This is one of the best reforms that has been introduced in the society in guiding the American people to think about their tomorrow and lowering their dependencies for availing basic medical treatment.