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Problems and Negatives of Obamacare

Problems and Negatives of Obamacare

The Affordable Care Act was introduced in the year 2013 keeping in mind the health care needs of all American citizens. Over the years, the ACA has displayed a lot of potential in regards to uplifting the society and has traversed a long way to fulfill its goal and deliver on the promises it made. However all that glitters is not gold and the Affordable Care Act or better known as Obamacare too has its fair share of cons as well. Below are some of the negativities that comes up with the ACA: Compulsory The ACA mandates that all American citizen have to have a health insurance which is at par with their yearly income. The individual consent of whether to opt for a plan or refrain from it, is not taken into consideration. Although this mandate doesn’t affect the rich people or even the people who get government subsidy but causes a lot of problems for citizens who earn well below the poverty level and are not qualified for any form of government subsidies. Moreover, the compulsory mandate forces the insurance companies to bear the overwhelming medical expenditure of patients with pre-existing medical health conditions like Cancer or Heart disease. Hence, they in turn impose more premiums to cover up for their losses. Thus people who already have a valid health insurance and healthy individuals who doesn’t need too much medical care also have to fish out extra bucks from their income every year for paying the increased premiums.


  1. When Obamacare was first introduced to the marketplace the premium rates were kept very nominal in order to attract more and more people into its fold. However since then the rates have seen an exponential increase year after year. In 2018, the rates stand at almost double if not more than that of 2013 and are expected to rise even further in 2019. This puts a lot of pressure on the pockets of an average American household. Although subsidies are provided by the government to ease the financial pressure but still the rapid increase in insurance coverage’s far supersede the rate of increase in subsidies.

Specific Enrollment Period

Enrollment for Obamacare can only be done one time per year during the specific enrollment period. Some individuals who qualify for special enrollment period are exempted but for the majority of the citizens a time span of 45 days is provided to enroll themselves and their family for Obamacare. Once the enrollment period has passed, it is not possible to enroll for any health insurance plans for the current year and additionally one is levied with a huge fine for defaulting. The enrollment dates are not fixed and liable to change every year and are declared only a few months before. In-consistent The premium rates that are charged and the health services that are provided on its behalf by the Affordable Care Act are not the same across the country. Terms and conditions may vary as per the state in which a customer lives. The subsidies provided by the government are also not consistent and vary from state to state. Hence finding out the best insurance coverage that meets all the individual as well as family’s health care needs turns out to be a herculean task. High Taxes In order to meet up with the financial deficiency caused by ACA, many new tax reforms have been introduced especially on many medical devices and medicines. Also people who fall in the higher income group have to pay extra taxes. Thus in one way the wealthy are targeted to pay the subsidies for the poor. Complicacies When it comes to enrolling for the Affordable Care Act a lot of options are provided for enrollment. The most convenient being the online option, where a customer has to create an account in the ACA website and fill out an application form. However, during the enrollment period due to huge number of enrollees all trying to enroll at the same time the servers often get overloaded and crashes frequently. Hence signing up for any insurance plan can become very hectic. In spite of all the negativities, the ACA still shines as a beacon of hope for a vast majority of underprivileged Americans to avail at least some form of health insurance.

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