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Obamacare Changes

Obamacare Changes

On March in the year 2010, a new healthcare reform drifted or came into being in the States under the supervision of the then President of America, Barak Obama. The transformation nicknamed as Obama Health Care Reforms. In the United States, the improvement executed under the United States Congress. The bill of Obama care was a landmark reform in the health segment of the nation passed under the 111th Congress and guidelines of President Barak Obama. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care law or the Obama Care made some striking changes and helped to improve the health care scenario of the United States of America. The law aimed to decrease the number of uninsured people in the country and thus made procurement of health insurance mandatory for every citizen of the United States. The legislation also aimed at making health care services affordable to the citizens.

Since the advent of the Affordable Care or Obama Care approximately around 20 million of the United States citizens came under the purview of the legislation.  

The Obama Care is considered as the striking or remarkable reform in the health care scenario of the country and it has undergone through lots of changes since its inception till date in various fields or genres of the law. Let us now discuss or talk about the changes done to date in the health care reform.

The changes done to Obama Care.

The different genres that witnessed changes under Obama Care are

i) Period of Open Enrollment– Generally, the Open Enrolment  Period does not get delayed and is usually continues for nearly three to four months. But during the tenure of 2018, the period only lasted for six weeks. And missing this enrolment period can land to pay penalty.

ii) Strict rules relating to Special Enrolment– Special enrolment, a period provided to the citizens in case they are not available to enroll their names during Open enrolment. But enrolling during this tenure requires life event like marriage, having a baby, end of a job and many more. This norm was prevalent before. But for increase misuse of the norm ACA changed the norm and now proof of the event is necessary like a letter from employer stating you were let go or a birth certificate for your new baby.

iii) Changes to Obama Care assistance– Almost each year assistance amount is changed based on the Federal Poverty Level and other related factors. So, before applying for health insurance make sure to check the revised rates from the marketplace.

iv) Changed the insurance policy billing – As per to the Center for U.S. Health System Reform, approximately around 25 percent of enrollees stopped paying the premiums for their plan as some of the enrollees received new insurance and forgot or omit to notify their old insurance service providers and others simply couldn’t afford it. The new rule changed the law, those who did not clear the bill will have to pay all overdue payments before they can enroll for the New Year.

v) Changes were made to the CLASS or Community Living Assistance Services and Support act. The Congress abolished the plan of government-subsidized long-term-care insurance.

The changes done to the health care law helped to make new reforms to the norms of the law and at the same time reconstructed the law making it beneficial for the health care sector.

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