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Obamacare Summary

Obamacare Summary

Following is a quick overview of all the important aspects of the Affordable Care Act. It will include a comprehensive study about the history of the law, how it is reforming the health care system of America, how to apply for it and how to avail subsidies and other redemptions.


The Affordable Care Act was passed by the Obama administration in the year March 23rd, 2010 in order to reform and revolutionize the American healthcare system. Due to initial resistance by the opposition party the implementation of this act was delayed till June 2012 when finally the Supreme Court upheld it. Officially the Act was called Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act but it is known as the Affordable Care Act or otherwise nicknamed as the Obamacare Act. The Act consists of 936 pages of health care provisions to uphold the rights of all the American citizens without any discrimination of any sort.

How to Apply:

The procedure for applying for any health insurance plan offered under this Act is very simple. One has to visit the official website hosted by the federal government (popularly known as Marketplace). After that one has to fill up a virtual application form which will contain all the details pertaining to the individual and other members of the family. Once the application has been submitted, one can easily view all the insurance plans that are offered according to his residing location, compare between them and choose the best one for his family. All doubts and queries can be easily resolved by chatting with a virtual assistant or by calling the toll-free number provided at the website. Every year an Open Enrollment Period is declared within which enrollment has to be completed. If someone willfully defaults from enrolling within the stipulated period a fine will be charged per uninsured member of the family.

How to apply for subsidy

The ACA mandates everyone to have some form of health insurance. Hence, lots of subsidies are provided by the government for families and individuals whose yearly income falls under 100 percent Federal Poverty Line. Such individuals can easily check out the amount of subsidy he is eligible for by login to the marketplace. Sometimes if the income levels fall drastically below the FPL, total redemption is provided. Citizens above the age of 65 and adults who suffer from paralysis are covered under the Medicaid and Medicare programs wherein medical treatment is also provided at very nominal charges.

How healthcare system is reformed

Previously health insurance was only availed by the rich of the society. After the ACA was formed, health insurance came in the grasp of the underprivileged also. The customers are provided more rights including challenging the insurer in case of any negligence or denial of payment. Income of doctors is regulated based on the services they provide which made them more responsible. All forms of discrimination against women and senior citizens are strictly prohibited.  Medicaid and Medicare programs are refurbished and expanded. Large companies are mandated to pay full coverage to their employees and small companies are provided tax relief if they provide coverage to their employees.

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