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Health insurance isn’t always easy to obtain. Further, it can be extremely expensive. Whether you need coverage in St. Petersburg, FL for you or the entire family, the easiest thing to do is work with us. We’ll help you explore the Obamacare health insurance plans that are available. You can find low monthly rates and get a plan that will allow you to focus on your health throughout the entire year and beyond.

Affordable Options

Too many health insurance policies want to charge thousands of dollars per month for coverage that you may never use. On top of the premiums, you may also have to pay co-pays, deductibles, and high prescription costs.
In order to find affordable health insurance in St. Petersburg, you can tap into Obamacare as the program was designed to make it easier for you to get coverage that you can afford.
We work with top carriers and brokers to help you save money.

Affordable Health Insurance in St. Petersburg, FL

Obamacare/ACA Health Insurance

Obamacare health insurance are the plans that were created as part of the Affordable Care Act. These policies are not only affordable but also provide you with the level of care that you need. The health plans are broken out into four tiers – bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. The higher the tier, the more that’s included. You can choose the plan from the tier that fits best within your budget. There’s good news, though. Regardless of what plan you choose, there are essential health benefits included in every plan. This includes everything from maternity care to emergency services to prescription drug benefits. You’ll also have lab services for diagnostics along with preventative services and chronic disease management. Even if you have pre-existing conditions, you can qualify for Obamacare health insurance that will allow you to get the care that you need. The plans are subsidized, which means that you pay for only a percentage of the plan – and the federal government pays the difference. As long as you qualify based on your income levels, it can be a considerable cost saving. You should never have to worry about what healthcare is going to cost. If you’ve ever had to skip going to the doctor or have had to go on a payment plan because of a doctor’s bill, you know the importance of having health insurance. Obamacare can ensure you enjoy peace of mind throughout the year.

Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is commonly known as Obamacare because it was passed in 2010 by former President Barack Obama.
The ACA is a law that focuses on not only affordable health insurance coverage for Americans but also health care costs and preventative care.
People gain access to the health insurance marketplace, which is the resource for families and individuals to explore health insurance plans and their affordability.
Since the health insurance marketplace can be overwhelming, we have agents who will answer your questions and provide quotes for you.
The ACA prevents insurance companies from denying people coverage due to pre-existing conditions. Further, they cannot raise the costs or prevent you from getting the care you need in St. Petersburg as a result of a pre-existing condition. Many issues were addressed within the Affordable Care Act so that people can focus on preventative issues. This way, you can get the healthcare you need to remain healthy rather than addressing problems only after they surface.
Some of the preventative issues include:

Even if you have been unable to qualify for Medicaid insurance, you may be able to qualify for Obamacare health insurance. The reason is simple – the cost of the premiums is calculated specifically based on your earnings. That means that the plans are on a sliding scale. What you pay for one plan in St. Petersburg may be considerably different than what someone else pays. Either way, it can be much more affordable than what you would pay on your own without the Affordable Care Act in place.

What Is The Obamacare Open Enrollment Period?

Open enrollment is a period where you can enroll for Obamacare. This is typically from November 15 to December 15. In some instances, the government will extend the open enrollment period – such as in 2022, it was extended through January 15.
Once the open enrollment period has passed, you will need to go without health coverage (or obtain it privately or through an employer) until the next year’s open enrollment period opens.
There may still be instances to get coverage. You can apply for Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). In some instances, you may also qualify for the Special Enrollment Period (SEP) for various certain life events – having a baby, getting married, losing health coverage, or your household income has fallen below a certain amount. When you have such a life event, you typically have 60 days to enroll in a plan before the window closes.
If you need help with the Obamacare open enrollment period or wonder if you qualify for the SEP, call us. Our agents are happy to help.

Affordable Health Insurance in St. Petersburg, FL

Need Affordable Health Insurance?

There’s no need to panic about how you’re going to afford a visit to the ER, a vaccine for your baby, or simply a visit to the doctor when you’re sick. Affordable health insurance in St. Petersburg, FL is available – and it’s easier to achieve than you might think.
At Obamacare ACA, we have the Florida plans that are available to you. We’ll work with your budget to find a tiered policy that fits all of your healthcare needs – for you and everyone else in your household.
We offer free insurance quotes, allowing you to find out what health insurance could cost without any obligation. Click to get free quotes online or contact us to speak to one of our agents and learn more about us.
Our goal is to get you the coverage you need in St. Petersburg.


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