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Obamacare Special Enrollment Period

Obamacare Special Enrollment Period

Under the Obama care health reforms as per the study, more than 20 million people came under the coverage of health insurance policy as the law tried to and made it mandatory for every American to possess a health insurance policy. The legislation offered a variety of subsidy as well as tax credit plans for the folks for availing a health insurance plan. The Affordable Care law monikered as “Obama Care” defined the health insurance plans as well as related industry reforms under the supervision or concern of President Obama passed in the year 2010. The term “Obamacare” was first introduced by the opponents and the president later himself embraced the word. ACA helped to increase the number of ordinary people holding a health insurance policy. Due to which more people came under the purview of the ACA insurance policy. Enrolling or registering under the Affordable Care Act has a specific point or juncture of time when the citizens of the United States of America can enroll their names. Apart from this special tenures no one is allowed to register for a health insurance policy.

The two-time junctures for enrolling in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care law are – i) The Open Enrollment Period or OEP and ii) The Special Enrollment Period. The Affordable Care Act says Open Enrollment program or OEP to be the best time to sign up for a health insurance policy. Usually, the OEP cycle continues for three months. But an exact period cannot be fixed for enrolment as it depends upon the authority.

What is Special Enrollment Period or SEP under Obama Care?

A special enrollment period or tenure can be defined as an opportunity for a person thriving in the country to avail a health insurance policy outside of the regular open enrollment or OEP. The probability of registering through Special Enrolment Period or SEP is by meeting the norms or standards of the qualifying life event. If a person thriving in The United States of America misses the Open Enrollment Program or OEP cycle then also he or she can opt for a policy under this provision of Obama care. Some of the situations stated under the realm of qualifying life event are-

a) Suppose a person has lost qualified health coverage provided by the government like health insurance plan like Medicaid, Medicare or it may be the Children Health Insurance Program or in short CHIP.

b) If death happens to any person in your health insurance plan that causes you to lose eligibility for your current health insurance coverage.

c) Mislaying or losing a qualified health insurance coverage while getting married or divorce.

d) A health insurance coverage may begin as soon as you adopt a child, have a baby or having a foster child with you. The insurance coverage will start from the particular moment.

e) Life event can happen if anyone is trying to change residential address or trying to relocate to the U.S. from a foreign land. It may also happen if anyone move to attend school or transfer from a location for performing work.

The process of application for Obama Care.

The application process for a special enrollment period is quite similar to that of an open enrollment period. Anyone signing up through SEP must create an account, either through the website of or a state marketplace. Necessary information to be provided while signing up for policy.

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I am authorizing a licensed Health Insurance Agent to review, to submit into a free plan or to refer my Health Insurance enrollment to a qualified entity whenever deemed necessary. I as a customer allow access to my or Medicaid accounts to make any updates/uploads as necessary and also to review and advise year to year, using any and all reasonable efforts to ensure that I the customer have a sound decision in my Healthcare plan for the year. I as the customer agree that I qualified for one of the many SEP’s during the year of 2022. (Ex: qualified for unemployment, Covid 19, Etc) I as a customer acknowledge receipt of HIPPA Privacy Information at the time of enrollment. By filling out and providing my personal information and signing, I certify that all of the above information is correct to the best of my knowledge and I give authorization to be enrolled into a free health insurance plan.

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