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Obamacare Prohibits Discrimination

Obamacare Prohibits Discrimination

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act or Obama care under the supervision of Barak Obama made a striking change in the healthcare scenario of the nation as well as many other segments of the country. Under the cover of the health care legislation, it is unlawful or felonious for health insurance service providers, marketplaces and even insurance providing companies to show any kind of act of discrimination against any people including the transgender of the society. The health care legislation strictly states that under no circumstances any person thriving in society to face any kind of discrimination based on age, sex or even it may be in terms of income. The legislation farther states that many transgender people continue to face discrimination when it comes to seek coverage under healthcare insurance. The Affordable Care Act provides options for avoiding or rectifying discrimination and make it easier for transgender people to get access to the health care they need. One of the essential factor apart from many others is the provisions of discrimination which prohibits sex discrimination against any person especially the transgender and the women of the society. That concludes that in every state, most insurance companies aren’t allowed to exclude transition-related care and most health care insurance service providers are required to treat a person with respect and according to your gender identity.


When the provision of non-discrimination came into effect under the law?


The provision of non-discrimination became effective in the country from 1st of January in the year 2014. And after the launching of the provision, no additional premium charges were levied on the citizens based on gender and health condition.


No extra charges for Gender or healthcare needs.


According to some data analysis and report interpretation previously women used to pay approximately around $1 billion more than men each year for the same health plans. There was a preconceived belief that women health care can cost extra bucks. But, Obama Care ended this discrimination and ensured that women are not charged more and health condition is not used as a factor in determining the insurance cost.


Moreover, under the law pre-existing health conditions, medical claims history, gender, occupation, duration of coverage etc. won’t be used as reasons to increase insurance.


The rules and rights prohibiting sex discrimination under the law.


The final rule as stated by the United States Department of Health and Human Services or in short HHS prohibits any kind of discrimination build on race, sex, disability, pre-existing difficulty and even national origin. In the provision of sex discrimination, it states that inequity against women based on pregnancy, sex stereotyping as well as gender inequality should be strictly prohibited. The final rule also extends its benefits by implementing language assistance services for citizens or people with low English proficiency level. All these facts, rights and responsibilities involving a citizen’s healthcare issues are stated in section 1557 of the law.


The Obama care health reform law has indeed made a remarkable stride in removing any kind of discrimination against any person when it comes to health or medical care issues.

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