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Obamacare Insurance Enrollment in Port St Lucie, Florida

Obamacare Port St Lucie

Port St.Luice is a sprawling city of Florida. The place is full of beauty and bounty of the natural environ and has a benign climatic condition and this has made the land a convenient place for tourism like the other cities of the country. The city located in the St. Lucie County of Florida in the United States of America. The place is the most populated municipality in the country. On the South-east of the state, the city of Orlando is placed and on the North-west is the city of Miami and this has indeed made the city a prime spot or destination in terms of business or commerce as well as for habitation. As per the United States Census Board, the city showcased a population of 164,603 people in the year 2010 and it was possible for the city’s rapid growth around the year 2000. The US Census Board showed in its report that the year 2017 had a population count of 189,344 people that depicts the growth or rise in population. The land is a major city in the St. Lucie Metropolitan Area and is marked as the largest city in the Treasure Coast area.

Zip codes that the city use.

Zip codes are generally used for denoting address, marking various locations as well as to designate certain delivery points and locations. In order to locate its places, the city also adopts certain zip codes. The Port St.Lucie, Florida zip codes are  34952, 34953, 34983, 34984, 34985, 34986,34987 and 34988. The town being an important one has adopted a varied number of codes to properly locate places.  The area code of the city is 772.

Expansion or extension of the land.

The city is one of the most populated cities of Florida and it expands or has a total area of 120.51 square miles or 312.11 square kilometers. The land area of the town expands over 118.89 square miles or 307.92 square kilometers. The stretch of the water area of the city expands over 1.62  square miles or 4.19 square kilometers area.

Places of tourist attraction in the city.

Placed in the heart of Florida’s Treasure Coast the city of Port St.Luice is a growing urban field that provides a sense or feeling of real Florida. In the city, visitors can trip through the environmental preserves, feel the breezes of rivers and walk through nearby beaches. The city showcases some of the exotic tourist destinations of the land like-

  1. i) Port St Lucie Botanical Gardens
  2. ii) First Data Field

iii) River Park Marina

  1. iv) Savannas Preserve State Park.

The educational scenario of the land.

Port St.Luice is considered as a hub of education in the St.Lucie County. The place has an ample number of schools and colleges. Some of them are-

  1. i) St. Lucie West Centennial High School
  2. ii) Treasure Coast High School.

iii) Barry University and many more are there.

The city has a well-connected transportation system with bus routes that connects every corner of the city. Apart from all the facilities available, the town deserves special mention when it comes to health care and medical facilities. It has some of the well-equipped hospitals and primary health care centers.

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