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Obamacare Insurance Enrollment in Opa Locka, Florida

Obamacare Opa Locka

The city of Opa- Locka a mesmerizing township with buildings loaded with historical importance is a spot of tourist attraction. The town is located in the Miami-Dade County of Florida in the United States of America. The city has been incorporated under the listings published by the United States Census Board. On May 24, in the year 1926, the land got enlisted as a city under the state of Florida.  According to the US, Census report published the year 2010 depicted a population count of 15,219 people in the land. And the population level is gradually rising in the place. The town of Opa- Locka established or founded by Glenn Curtiss in the year 1926.


Expansion or area of the land.

Unlike the other cities of Florida, the land is not so highly populated. It has a total area of 4.5 square miles or 12 square kilometers. The land area of the town stretches over 4.30 square miles or 11.15 square kilometers. The stretch of the water area of the city of Opa Locka, Florida expands over 0.18 square miles or 0.47 square kilometers area.  The land area of the town is smaller if compared with other cities of the state.


Zip codes that the city use.

Zip codes are generally used for marking address and various locations as well as to designate certain delivery points. The city also adopts certain zip codes. The Zip code that the city uses is 33054. And the area codes of the city are 305 and 786.


Places of tourist interest of the town.

The city resembles a tradition since its inception. Throughout the city, if a person explores can witness the largest collection of the Moorish Revival architecture. The city during its inception was developed based on the theme of One thousand and one nights. And the streets of the city are named as Sabur Lane, Sultan Avenue, Ali Baba Avenue, Perviz Avenue, and Sesame Street. This specialty of the land attracts tourists all over the cosmos. Apart from the architectural heritage, the land depicts certain other tourist destinations like-

  1. i) Calder Casino
  2. ii) City Hall and Gardens

iii) Amelia Earhart Park

  1. iv) Sherbondy Park and many more sites prevail in the land.


The educational scenario of the land.

The land though comparatively smaller in comparison to other cities of Florida is blessed with well-recognized schools and colleges to support the educational needs of the natives. The city has a got a branch library and the library is among the forty-nine branches included within the Miami-Dade Public Library System. Opa-Locka Elementary School, Miami-Dade County Public School, and North Dade Middle School are some of the well-versed schools of the city.


Transportation of the land.

The city is well-connected with bus and airlines services. Opa-Locka Executive Airport and Miami-Dade Transit system serve the city.


The land has a median household income of approximately around 17,933 dollars and employs 5,215 people. Apart from various other facilities, the city houses well-equipped hospitals and primary health care centers to look into the healthcare needs of the natives.

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