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Obamacare No Discrimination

Obamacare No Discrimination

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act under the supervision of Barak Obama made a striking change in the healthcare scenario of the nation as well as many other segments of the country. The term “Obama care” is a moniker or sobriquet used for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The Act launched in the year 2010 and drastically changed the overall scenario of health and medical care systems of the nation. The Affordable Care Act’s major provisions came into the field and mainly changed the healthcare and health insurance sector. Obamacare helped to increase the number of ordinary people holding a health insurance policy. As a result of which the population without healthcare insurance or uninsured area of the mass decreased rapidly. According to analysis and reports around 20 million people after the reforms came under the coverage of health insurance because ACA made it mandatory for citizens to hold a health insurance policy.  

The Obamacare legislation provides or focuses on “10 essential health benefits”. These ten health care benefits are services that made to comply with or accord with the Affordable Care Act or ACA. The “ten essential health benefits scheme” includes or encompasses issues related to mental health and well-being, monitoring and keeping an eye on women health and wellness, preventing domestic violence, it actively supports the eradication of domestic violence on women. ACA services assist people suffering from disabilities, injuries and certain continual conditions. Plans under ACA provide coverage for types of equipment that are required to treat chronic diseases and sudden injuries.  It also proves beneficial in covering emergency hospitalization, dental care as well as care for eye and vision, outpatient care, insurance plans for required and essential drugs.

What is No Discrimination policy under Obama care?

The Obamacare law under its umbrella has strictly prohibited health insurance service providers to stop discrimination against any person in terms of gender or income status. The act speaks about maintaining uniform premium charges for both male and female customers and providing them with equal healthcare opportunities.

No extra charges for Gender or healthcare needs.

According to some data analysis and report interpretation previously women used to pay approximately around $1 billion more than men each year for the same health plans. There was a preconceived belief that women health care can cost extra bucks. But, Obama Care ended this discrimination and ensured that women are not charged more and health condition is not used as a factor in determining the insurance cost.

Moreover, under the law pre-existing health conditions, medical claims history, gender, occupation, duration of coverage etc. won’t be used as reasons to increase insurance.

When the provision of non-discrimination came into effect under the law?

The provision of non-discrimination became effective in the country from 1st of January in the year 2014. And after the launching of the provision, no additional premium charges were levied on the citizens based on gender and health condition.


Health insurance service providers are only allowed to deviate premiums based on the use of tobacco, age as well as family size. But apart from the mentioned elements, no other factors like pre-existing conditions, health status, claims history, duration of coverage, gender, occupation and many more are not included to vary the premium rates. And this has indeed benefitted the health segment of the country.

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