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Obamacare Miami Gardens

Obamacare Miami Gardens

Miami Gardens is another city that lies in close proximity to the city of Miami, in the Miami-Dade County of Florida. The city was named after the Miami Gardens Drive roadway. Miami Gardens is home to mainly people of African-American origin and over the decades many Cubans, Haitians and Jamaicans have immigrated here in search of livelihood. Miami Gardens is considered to be an important city that constitutes the Miami Metropolitan Area.


The city is spread across an area of 19.02 square miles.  18.24 square miles is surrounded by land and .78 square miles is surrounded by water.


The total population of the city was recorded at 107167 during 2010. By 2017 as per the data released by the US Census Bureau it has increased to 113750.


The history of Miami Gardens dates back to the 1960’s when the first immigrants started to settle here from the nearby cities after the construction of the I-95 highway. The city was also known as Carol City or Norwood back in those days. At that time mostly Miami Gardens attracted lower income holders of Black origin. The city was incorporated on May 13, 2003.

Places to see

Since Miami Gardens is mainly covered by land, hence there are many recreational parks present all over the city. Some of the places of interest are:

  1. Amelia Earhart Park
  2. Oleta River State Park
  3. Miramar Pineland Park
  4. Rolling Oaks Park
  5. Greynolds Park
  6. Norwood Park


The education system in Miami Gardens is very good. There are many private and public schools and colleges in the city. Some of the popular ones are: 1

  1. Monsignor Edward Place High School
  2. North Dade Middle School
  3. Carol City Middle School
  4. St. Thomas University
  5. CBT College
  6. Florida Memorial University

There are many Community Centers spread all across the city to help and support the residents who fall in the lower income groups.

Healthcare Scenario

Florida is one of the best states in terms of healthcare.  The Miami Dade County falls under the “Rating Area 43” of Florida. There are 49 health insurance plans that are available for this area. The residents can opt for any of them based on their yearly income and the number of persons in their family. These plans are available over the marketplace and can be viewed after creating an online account. Chatting with executives or calling facilities are also provided to receive instant help while filling up the application or for resolving any queries. Moreover the amount of subsidies one can avail can also be calculated on the marketplace website. These health insurance plans can be cashed in any of the below mentioned hospitals:

  1. Jackson North Medical  Center
  2. Doctor’s Medical Center
  3. Mount Sinai Skylake
  4. Acadia Medical Center
  5. Jackson Crisis Center

As all of the hospitals abide by the Obamacare Act, hence all aspects of medical care and attention to every patient are carefully looked after.  Doctors are available round the clock and so does the ambulance services.

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