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Obamacare Mandate

Obamacare Mandate

The healthcare initiative of Obamacare is considered to be one of the massive health care reforms identified in the United States of America. The bill to be treated as one of the most controversial act since the advent of the Social Security Act, the year 1935. In the United States, the reform executed under the United States Congress. And the plan with due consideration and guidelines from President Obama gathered momentum and achieved prominence in the healthcare sector of the country. President Obama during his tenure as the President of United States successfully established the health care legislation within the state.

The Obama care officially known as The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act   since it’s inception in March 2010 had an aim to expand health insurance coverage and also to bring the maximum of people under the umbrella of health insurance plan or coverage and also to improve or to enhance the health and medical scenario of the United States of America.

The Patient Protection legislation made it mandatory or compulsory to enroll or register their name under a health insurance policy or to pay the penalty if not covered with an insurance policy.

What is Individual Mandate under Obama Care?

The Individual mandate under the health care law stated that every individual is required to have medical insurance and need to have access to enhanced medical care facilities. The mandate or the bill further stated that every single person especially healthy people need to have health or medical care insurance coverage.

The rationale or notion behind Obama Care’s Individual Mandate.

The concept or the notion behind the establishment of the Individual Mandate is to create a “risk pool” where individuals or health insurance policyholder’s especially healthy people will invest in medical care facilities and will pay premiums. But, only a few individuals will claim money for treatment as a result of which a large pool with healthy people will develop and this will indeed help to cover the medical care costs of people who are sick and need financial help for their treatment.

What is the Employer Mandate under Obama care health reforms?

Business owners of different group or genre need to participate in the health care system of the nation. They need to provide health insurance to its employees and share its responsibilities. This condition is known to be as “Employer Mandate”. Under employer mandate, it is punishable for an employer if the organization does not provide its employees with health insurance benefits. Like the individual shared responsibility employer shared responsibility is also applicable under the Affordable Care Act. The legislation further states that a particular organization having fifty or more than fifty employees working full time in that organization need to provide health insurance policies to its employees or else they will need to pay penalty charges.

Both the individual mandate as well as employer mandate shapes or defines the Obama care mandate as stated under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care law.

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