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Obamacare Lehigh Acres

Obamacare Lehigh Acres

Lehigh Acres is lies in the Lee County of the state of Florida in US. Lehigh Acres is bordered by popular cities like Cape Coral and Fort Myers. The city is not so glorious as compared to other cities in the state of Florida but still is a very good place to spend some quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of metropolitan cities.


Lehigh Acres is completely surrounded by land. Of the 95.98 square miles of its total area, 94.98 square miles is surrounded by land and only 1.09 square miles is covered with water.


Lehigh Acres was a slow developing city till the early parts of the 21st century. During the year 2000, only a mere 33430 citizens lived here but this number increased rapidly and within a decade the number increased threefold to 106747.


The city of Lehigh Acres was established by Lee Rather who was a businessman of great repute in Chicago sometime during the 1950’s. Losing a great deal of money in his earlier business ventures he decided to try his luck in cattle business and bought a large piece of land and named it the Lucky Lee Ranch.  Slowly he turned all his attention into land business and sold large plots of land, thus officially laying the cornerstone of Lehigh Acres.

In 1992, Lee County authorities declared Lehigh Acres as blighted and strived to improve its economy and infrastructure. Lehigh Acres came to limelight during the initial phase of the 21st century when land prices soared a great deal and boosted the economy manifolds.

However during the time of “Great Depression” property prices fell a good deal stalling the growth of the economy. However by early 2015 situations started to turn for the better and the people again started to enjoy a hassle free life.

Places to see

When it comes to places of interest, Lehigh has a fair share of its own as compared to other cities of Florida. Some of the popular places are:

  1. Manatee Park
  2. Crew land and Water Trust
  3. Veterans Community Park
  4. Linda’s Stargazing adventures

Lehigh Acres is a perfect place to enjoy quality time with family members amidst nature.


With the rapid increase of population many schools and educational institutions were also built, so as to secure a good future for the young people of the society. Some of the famous educational institutes of the city are:

  1. Institute of Health Careers
  2. ABM University
  3. Lehigh Senior High School
  4. East Lee County High School

Healthcare Scenario

Lehigh Acres doesn’t have too many medical facilities but due to its close proximity to other cities like Cape Coral and Fort Myers, none of the citizens ever had to face medical crisis. Moreover being affiliated to the Affordable Care Act, the city ensures that even its financially weak citizens are not deprived of basic Medical care. Purchasing health care insurance is greatly encouraged. Some of the medical facilities of Lehigh Acres are:

  1. Lehigh Regional Medical Center
  2. Family Health Center
  3. Joshua E Lee Medical Center.

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