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Obamacare Kissimmee

Obamacare Kissimmee

Kissimmee is another great city in the state of Florida like Orlando and Miami. It falls under the Osceola County. Given its close proximity to the city of Orlando, Kissimmee also is a famous tourist location and a rapidly growing economy.


Area wise Kissimmee is one of the smaller cities of the state with an area of only 21.50 square miles. Out of which almost all is covered by land and only 0.68 miles is covered by water.  The only water body is the Kissimmee River that flows through this city.


Being a small state the population of Kissimmee is also not much but still recorded at almost 60000 during 2010. Since then population has increased further due to ever increasing tourism industry year after year.


The city was originally named Allendale after an army major J.H. Allen who was said to be the first operator of a cargo boat along the Kissimmee River. However, in 1883 Allendale was renamed as Kissimmee. Apart from Disston’s drainage factory early settlers started ranching and citrus packing. These served to be the best source of livelihood until the 1970’s when Walt Disney decided to create the Disney Land in Orlando. Since Kissimmee is situated in close proximity of Orlando, tourism industry boomed here too. Although since then the economy of the city suffered many times due to hurricanes but still managed to pull itself up every time.

Places to see

Since Kissimmee hardly have any water bodies, so water sports and other such beach related leisure activities that could be enjoyed at other cities like Cape Coral or Fort Myers, cannot be found here to such an extent but one can still enjoy canoeing or watching sunset in one of the many public parks. Kissimmee is also famous for hosting rodeo events, golf courses and bicycle trails. Some of the famous places of interest are:

  1. Kissimmee River
  2. Lake Tohopekaliga
  3. Shingle Creek
  4. Twin Oaks Conservation Area
  5. Makinson Island Park
  6. Scotty’s Landing


Unlike other small states, Kissimmee has a lot of schools and universities both public and private. Some are mentioned below:

  1. Valencia College
  2. University of Central Florida
  3. Harmony High School
  4. Johnson University Florida

Healthcare Scenario

The healthcare scenario of Osceola County is one of the best in the city of Florida. Kissimmee falls under the Rating Area 49 and have 57 health insurance plans covered under the Affordable Care Act that a resident can choose from based on his financial conditions. These plans are provided by major insurance providers. Namely:

  1. Blue Cross Blue Shield
  2. Celtic Insurance Company
  3. Health Options Inc
  4. Oscar Insurance Company
  5. Molina Healthcare Inc

With so many health care plans to choose from, the residents can afford to avail even costly medical treatments at affordable rates in any one of the below mentioned public hospitals:

  1. Florida Hospital Kissimmee
  2. Ormc
  3. Osceola Regional Medical Center
  4. Heart and Vascular Institute
  5. Center for Colon & Rectal Surgery

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