Obamacare Insurance Enrollment in Jacksonville, FL

Affordable Health Insurance in Jacksonville, FL

ObamaCare Enrollment in Jacksonville, FL

Affordable health insurance in Jacksonville, FL is critical. You want to know that you can visit the doctor any time that there is a health concern or a medical emergency. Coverage for you and your family can be affordable – and we’re here to help every step of the way. We work with a variety of carriers and brokers to provide you with low monthly rates for coverage. It can provide you with confidence that you have access to medical care when and where you need it.

Affordable Options

If you’ve been searching for affordable health insurance in Jacksonville, you may be disappointed by what you find. Your employer may not offer insurance – or the premiums could be higher than what you can afford. You have to decide whether you want to take a chance on whether you need to visit a doctor or not. If you’re not visiting a primary care physician on an annual basis, there’s no telling how good your health is. Affordable health insurance delivers peace of mind. You can visit the doctor knowing that you can afford the care. You can visit in-network doctors, and get the tests you need, the prescriptions you are given, and the care that is recommended to you. Whether you’re employed or not, we can help you to find plans that will fit your budget. We’ll help you explore an affordable plan that provides you with access to doctors, prescription medication, and more. It will allow you to prioritize your health once and for all.

Obamacare/ACA Health Insurance

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is commonly known as Obamacare. Finding Obamacare health insurance is simple as it will help you to get affordable individual and family plans. There’s no reason to pay hundreds of dollars more per month if it’s not necessary. You shouldn’t go broke just so that you can have a health insurance policy for yourself and all of your family members. Obamacare was specifically created to address many of the problems with health insurance companies. Congress found that too many people were unable to afford basic coverage – and that many people were being denied coverage because of situations outside of their control. Affordable rates in Florida can help you to save thousands of dollars per year. You’ll be able to compare plans for private healthcare. With hundreds of plans to choose from, you can be sure that your health needs are met – even if you have a preexisting condition. The government will subsidize your healthcare plan when you have Obamacare. It’s what’s allowing millions of Americans to get the healthcare that they can afford – and you can be next.

Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act is a health care reform law that was passed in 2010 by former President Barack Obama. The law focuses on providing Americans with health insurance coverage, affordable premiums, and more inclusive preventative care. The law consists of two different acts. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was signed on March 23, 2010. This focuses on healthcare costs and ensures that people have the ability to afford healthcare policies. The second is the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act, which was signed on March 30, 2010. The Act allows people to qualify for health plans on a sliding scale based on their household income. Rather than exploring the ACA marketplace on your own, we can help. It allows you to find a plan that fits your budget while also determining whether you qualify for a health plan based on how your income holds up against the federal poverty line. The Affordable Care Act ensures that insurance companies cannot deny you coverage or charge you higher premiums if you have a certain medical history. Further, policies cannot exclude coverage for treating pre-existing conditions. Every policy will have limits on out-of-pocket expenses for the year and will not have limits on annual or lifetime coverage.

Essentially, every policy will cover essential health benefits while also taking care of preventative measures that include:

What Is The Obamacare Open Enrollment Period?

There is an open enrollment period every year for you to participate in Obamacare. This typically runs from November 1 to December 15 – however, the government may offer extensions within the federal marketplace to January 15. This is determined each year, so it’s important to know what the deadlines are for a specific year. In some instances, a state may run its own exchanges, which will impact the open enrollment period. The deadlines come into play whether you wish to enroll, switch to a different plan, or get subsidies. If you miss the open enrollment period, you will not be able to enroll in any of the healthcare coverage that qualifies for cost assistance as well as the various ACA protections like the pre-existing condition protection. Missing the open enrollment period may require that you go through the year without coverage. There are certain instances where you may qualify for other coverage, such as Medicare or employer-based healthcare. Additionally, if you go through a qualifying life event such as a divorce or childbirth, you may be able to continue shopping in the federal marketplace for a qualifying plan.


Need Affordable Health Insurance?

Shopping for affordable health insurance in Jacksonville, FL doesn’t have to be time-consuming or overwhelming. You can get free insurance quotes online or over the phone. The process is simple. By telling us your date of birth, social security number, and a few other details about you, Obamacare ACA will connect you to the federal marketplace. You’ll be able to compare the plans that you qualify for and see what the monthly payments will be. If you have questions about the plans or about us, we’re here to help you every step of the way. Contact us or start filling out the quote form now so that we can find you the affordable health coverage that you need for you and the whole family in Jacksonville.


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