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Obamacare Hialeah

Obamacare Hialeah

Hialeah is a city located in the state of Florida and comes under the jurisdiction of Miami-Dade County. It lies to the north-west of Miami and is an important city of the County.


The city covers an area of 22.82 square miles. Land constitutes around 21.48 square miles and water covers around 1.34 square miles.


Hialeah is one of the rapidly growing cities in the Miami-Dade County. As of 2017 it had an estimated population of around 240000 people. Majority of the population can trace their ancestry to Cuba, as their forefathers settled here after the Castro regime came to power in Cuba. Hence, the most spoken language in the city is Spanish.


The origin of the name Hialeah can be traced back to the Muskogee language in which Hialeah means pretty prairie. This name was given as the city is situated atop a large prairie between the cities of Everglades and Biscayne Bay. The city was built by two pioneers Glenn Curtiss and James Bright. These two gentlemen also built the Hialeah Park Race Track and made this city into a popular sporting destination. The city was incorporated in the year 1925 and since then it has always been in the limelight of media coverage.  The grandeur of the race track attracted influential people from far and wide like Winston Churchill, Harry Truman and many others. Such is the pace at which this city grew that currently it is considered to be the fifth largest city in the state of Florida in terms of population.

Places to see

Hialeah is surrounded by many large and famous cities of Florida on all side; hence tourism flourishes here to a good extent. Some of the places of interest around the city are:

  1. Hialeah Gardens
  2. Westview
  3. Race Track
  4. West Little River
  5. Medley
  6. Miami Springs

The main recreation of the people is to watch horse racing in the famous race track.


The education system in Hialeah is served by the public schools in Miami-Dade County. Couple of the schools was provided the Silver awards for being the best in the country in the year 2008. There are many schools, high schools, universities and libraries in Hialeah. This is mainly because of the large population of the city. Some of the reputed institutes are:

  1. ASA College
  2. College of Business and Technology
  3. Florida National University
  4. Edison Private School
  5. Miami-Dade College

The public library in Hialeah was established in 1924 and is governed independently rather than country wide library system.

Healthcare Scenario

The Health care system of Hialeah is quite developed and well reputed. After 2013, all health insurance related aspects are governed by the Affordable Care Act. The residents are encouraged to select anyone from a list of 43 plans. As such citizens can avail medical treatment from any of the below mentioned hospitals:

  1. Palmetto General Hospital
  2. Mount Sinai Primary & Specialty Care
  3. Hialeah Hospital
  4. Southern Winds Hospital

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