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Obamacare Fort Pierce

Obamacare Fort Pierce

The town of Fort Pierce is an appealing land located on the Treasure Coast has a number of places to overwhelm the tourists. The city situated on the St.Lucie County of Florida in the United States of America. It is also the hub of different administrative buildings and offices from where the administration of the county takes place. The neighborhood is the county seat of the St.Lucie County. The land is a chunk of the Treasure Coast region of the Atlantic coast in Florida. According to the United States, Census Board report the population count of the city was around 41,590 people in 2010. The year 2012, showcased a population count of 42,645 people and the number increased gradually with years passing. The land is also known as the city of sunrise and its sister city San Francisco is acknowledged as the city of sunset. The city was named Fort Pierce after the Fort Pierce Army post was built on the land in the year 1838.

Zip codes that the city use.

Zip codes are generally used for denoting address, marking various locations as well as to designate certain delivery points and locations. In order to locate its places, the city also adopts certain zip codes. The Fort Pierce zip codes are 34946,34947,34948,34949,34950,34951,34952,34953,34954,34979,34981 and 34982. The town is one of the largest in the country and has adopted a varied number of codes to properly locate its places.  The area codes of the city are 772 and 941.

Expansion or extension of the land.

The city is the County seat of St. Lucie County and is a highly populated city of Florida. It expands or has a total area of 29.27 square miles or 75.80 square kilometers. The land area of the town expands over 23.32 square miles or 60.40 square kilometers. The stretch of the water area of the city of Fort Pierce, Florida expands over 5.95 square miles or 15.40 square kilometers area. The water area helps the natives with a variety of water sports and recreation facilities.

The economy of the land.

The city of Fort Pierce showcases a diversity of the economy. A variety of industries have established their base in the city. The city’s economy employs around 15,327 people. The main source of economy of the city comes from different industries like Food and beverage industry, the entertainment industry, Tech services, Real-estate industry, Finance, education, waste management services and many. The average median household income in the city is approximately around 26,506 dollars.

Places of tourist attraction in the city.

Fort Pierce offers some of the world’s exotic cuisine in its world-class restaurants. The place also offers good lodging choices. Some of the places of tourist destinations of the place are –

  1. i) Fort Pierce Inlet State Park
  2. ii) Sunrise Theatre

iii) St. Lucie County Historical Museum and other places.

The place boasts about its medical care facilities. It has some of the well-equipped hospitals. The city has 1 to 41 primary care center to patient ratio. The city actively took part in Obama care health reform plans and has an average Medicare reimbursement of 10,822 dollars.

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