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Obamacare Florida

Obamacare Florida

The name of Florida came from a Spanish word known as a land of flowers. The land is the southernmost state of the United States of America.  The state is one of the most profoundly or vastly populated one in the country. The land has a total population of approximately about 21,312,211people as per the reports of the United States Census Board. And it is ranked as the third most populated state in the United States. The metropolitan area of Miami is considered to be the most populated urban area of Florida. The city of Tallahassee is counted as the capital city of the state of Florida. The state is bordered by the Gulf of Mexico on its west, to the northwest of the state is Alabama, to the north of the land in Georgia, to the east of it is the Atlantic Ocean, and to its south, the land is bordered by the Straits of Florida.

A close proximity of the state to the ocean leverages many aspects of Florida’s civilization and culture as well as daily life. The land is a reflection of influences and a number of legacies like that of African, European, indigenous, and Latino heritages that can be witnessed in the architecture and cuisine the place offers. Florida has enticed many writers like Ernest Hemingway, and Tennessee Williams, to settle on the land. The place has an international acclamation for its golf courses, tennis coats, auto racing, as well as water sports. The place can be termed as a hub of sports-related activities. Facing the Atlantic Ocean the place is a land for several turquoises and emerald-colored coastal water beaches. And these sun-kissed beach is a hub of tourism.

Expansion or area of the land.

The state is one of the most populated one located in the United States of America. It expands or has a total area of 65,755 square miles or 170,304 square kilometers. The width of the town expands over 361 miles or 582 kilometers. The length of the state is approximately around 447 miles or 721 kilometers area. The water area of the land is around 17.9 percent.

The economic scenario of the land.

The land is considered to be the fourth largest fiscal state of the country. As per specific reports in the year 2017, Florida’s per capita personal income was around 47,684 dollars, providing it 26th rank in the country. The state earns its revenue from various industries like real-estate, tourism, agriculture, health sector, and others. However, the top-rated industries of the state are food and restaurant services, construction industry, coal mining, oil & gas extraction, the financial industry and many more.

The health or medical care scenario of the land.

The land depicts a well-integrated health care system.  The place is considered as the nerve center for advanced or enhanced medical care facilities. The county has an ample number of well-equipped hospitals and primary health care centers. In the year 2018, the state of Florida witnessed the highest number of enrollment under Obamacare health reforms. About 1.7 million of people enrolled themselves under Obamacare from the state itself giving it the number one position in terms of enrolling in health insurance plans in the nation.  
The land of Florida as a state holds an important or crucial position in the country in terms of education, healthcare, trade and commerce. Availability of these facilities have made the state as a hotshot destination for tourism as well as residing.

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