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Obamacare & Doctors

How Obamacare effects doctors in the US

The Affordable Care Act or ACA is also known to the people of the United States of America as Obama care health reforms has received a lot of attention and recognition in the domain or sector of the healthcare industry. A recent study revealed that around sixty percent of Americans could not seek proper medical attention because of the cost involved. And due to the advent of the Affordable Care law, many people who remained uninsured can now come under the roof of health insurance and this has indeed raised the number of patients visiting a doctor. And when the doctors need to take care of more patients it is pertinent to understand how Obamacare health insurance plans effects doctors? This new U.S. health care legislation affects a variety of people as well as trade and commerce in several ways. People are raising questions on whether they will be able to retain their current clinicians. And some doctors are of the opinion that it means to their patient load, income, and the overall scenario of their practice. It’s important to break down the various ways the law affects doctors and the patients.

How does Obamacare affect doctors in relation to Medicare payments?

The Affordable Care law or ObamaCare originally favored cutting Medicare payments to doctors and intended to help fix the issue. As per the latest budget it spends hundreds of millions of dollars to freeze Medicare payments in order to avoid any kind of dis-incentivizing Medicare doctors. The authority passes a “doc fix” every year in order to fix Medicare rates and avoid lowering of rates.

How does Obamacare focus on the quality of treatment and its effect on doctors?

Health insurance plans used to pay doctors for every medical check-up, surgery, pathological tests and other medical services they used to perform. In other terms, health insurance service providers used to pay their doctor a fee or charge for each and every service they offered disregarding how the patient feels after the services, or whether the condition of the patient improves from the services offered.

The healthcare legislation took small steps to change the pattern of payment, to reduce the increasing cost of medical care and to enhance the quality of services. In short, the health care law focused to improve the quality of each and every service offered by the doctors under the Affordable Care law. The law further focused on paying doctors for providing the best, most cost-effective care instead of providing a number of services.  Spending in Medicare comes at a great cost to taxpayers and at a great profit to doctors and hospitals and so by creating an incentive pattern to make sure Medicare patients get proper treatment has actually helped people to get quality service at an affordable rate.

The scenario of doctors under Medicaid payment system of Obama care.

Another essential aspect of the ACA law is the Medicaid payments to doctors or physicians. Under the health care law, the medical care givers will have parity with Medicare payments which pays comparatively better than Medicaid plans. Nonetheless, this provision only occurs in states that have agreed to stretch their Medicaid program. The increased expense will be the obligation of the federal government.

For this reason, Medicaid doctors in many State’s will observe a higher number of patients and will be paid at better rates. And this obviously has made a positive impact on healthcare professionals or doctors. However, doctors under Medicaid plan are not guaranteed increased payments forever, but they can witness an influx of patients.

From the above discussion it is pertinent to mention that the medical care law has indeed affected the patients as well as the doctors in a positive way and simultaneously has improved the quality of medical care in the nation.

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