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Obamacare Apopka

Obamacare Apopka

The city of Apopka lies in the Central part of Florida in Orange County and is considered to be the Foliage Capital of the world owing to the vast regions of farmlands that are mainly dedicated for the cultivation of potatoes and other such vegetables. In fact the name Apopka comes from the Seminole word of Ahapopka which signifies “Potato eating place”.


The total area of Apopka is 34.82 square miles out of which 33.46 square miles is covered by land and a meager 1.36 square miles is covered by water.


In terms of population, Apopka lies in the average range with a population of about 51564 as of 2017. The population index also shows a small growth as compared to 2010. Hence the economy of the city is not as high as other cities like Miami. The population constitutes of people of multiple racial backgrounds like Whites, Blacks, Asians, Native Americans and Latin’s.


The land on which the current city is built was originally inhabited by the Acuera people. But by 1730 there numbers reduced drastically almost to the verge of extinction owing to the onset of deadly diseases that was brought to shore by Spanish colonists. After that the land became home to many native Indian refugees but they too were forced to leave it during 1842. After that American settlers came here and built trading posts here. The first post office was established in 1869 and the city was officially incorporated in the year 1905. With time, the number of settlers increased and plantation thrived. However the economic growth is on the rise due to the construction of the John Land Apopka Expressway.

Places to see

Apopka is known for its historic buildings which lead the visitors to glimpse at the past of this city. Some of the buildings are:

  1. Waite-Davis House
  2. Mitchell-Tibbetts House
  3. Ryan & Company Lumber Yard
  4. Carroll Building


The education aspect is highly taken care in the city. The public schools are managed by the Orange County educational board. Some of the well established educational institutes are:

  1. Forest Lake Academy
  2. Apopka High School
  3. University of Florida
  4. Golf Academy of America

Healthcare Scenario

Apopka is mainly serviced by two major hospitals. They are:

  1. Florida Hospital Apopka
  2. Florida Hospital Apopka Sleep Center

Apart from these there are private clinics and well trained doctors available who can be approached during medical emergencies. All these medical centers accept citizens who have enrolled in anyone of the 54 insurance plans that are offered under the Obamacare Act for Orange County. These plans are provided by the top insurance providers of the country like Cigna and Molina Healthcare and come in mainly four versions Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The plans differ in their coverage and monthly premium amounts. Residents can also opt for on the job based coverage via their employers or settle for any other insurance plan provided by some other private insurer.

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