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Obamacare and Birth Control

Obamacare and Birth Control

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act under the supervision of Barak Obama made a striking change in the healthcare scenario of the nation as well as many other segments of the country. The healthcare law made hallmark achievements and greater access in case of affordable and effective contraception. Obama Care health reforms cover a type of birth control per person as per the eighteen FDA or Foods and Drugs Administration approved norms and categories. The birth-control mandate of Obama Care helps to offer women birth control rights with no out-of-the-pocket cost or at very little cost, although some insurance plans and programs may have exemptions.

What methods are covered under the norms?

As per the Food and Drugs Administration as well as the, there are certain approved methods that a doctor can prescribe a woman under the health insurance plan of Obama care are as follows-

  1. i) Counseling and education of patients.
  2. ii) Exigency contraception method like Plan B and Ella.

iii) Procedures of sterilization.

  1. iv) Implanting of devices like intrauterine devices or (IUDS).
  2. v) Prescribing barrier method utilized during intercourse like diaphragms and sponges.
  3. vi) Adopting birth control pills as hormonal methods.

Eighteen contraception categories covered under ACA law.

Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care legislation the draft states or specifies certain important or essential categories to be used for contraception and these categories can be mentioned below-

  1. i) Using diaphragm
  2. ii) Using sponge

iii) Make use of a cervical cap.

  1. iv) Usage of spermicide
  2. v) Adopting a vaginal contraceptive ring.
  3. vi) Utilizing female condom

vii) Taking help of emergency contraception (Plan B/morning after pill)

viii) Using emergency contraception (a different oral medication named Ella).

  1. ix) Using a patch
  2. x) Adopting Oral contraceptives with progestin
  3. xi) Using Oral contraceptives for delaying menstruation.

xii) Oral contraceptives (the pill), with estrogen and progestin.

xiii) Using injection known as shot.

xiv) Using Copper intrauterine device

  1. xv) Implanting of devices like intrauterine devices or (IUDS).

xvi) Using implantable rod

xvii) Making use of surgical sterilization implant

xviii) Adopting Sterilization surgery.

How it helped out-of-the-pocket expenses?

As per the recently available data and statistical analysis, out-of-the-pocket expenses of most of the women have dropped from the previous 21% incurred before the advent of Obama care to almost 3% after the launch of the Affordable Care law. The biggest or most essential use of the drop of the out-of-the-pocket expense was that before health insurance service providers did not include the costing involved under the headings of contraception. But under the Obamacare mandate of birth control, these important expenses are included. And, this inclusion has indeed helped women a lot.

Which plans do not need to cover Birth control cost?

After the advent of the Affordable Care Act, from July in the year 2015, the affordable care promised to cover at least one way of contraception mentioned by FDA without any ou-of-the-pocket cost in its healthcare plans. But it has also stated some exceptions like-

  1. i) Plans with short-term health insurance policies.
  2. ii) Grandfathered health care plans purchased before March 23 of the year 2010.

iii) Religious houses or houses of worship need not be provided with coverage as women of all other religious employers are insured through the third party.

The Obamacare health insurance plans have indeed helped woman to reduce their out-of-the-pocket expense  on birth control and thereby helping their health conditions.

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