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Learn Why The Federal Poverty Level is Important for Americans

Learn Why The Federal Poverty Level is Important for Americans

If we try to define the term Poverty level, then we can elaborate it as the edge or standard of income delineated by a Government of any country. Poverty line of a state helps to define the minimum standard of family income below which a person designated as poor concerning monetary measures. Generally, in the United States of America, the poverty tag is provided to people who can not comply with a stated brink or threshold of poverty, who cannot afford to pay for essential amenities like food, shelter, clothing, etc. In simpler terms, we can explain the state of poverty to be a plight where people fail to purchase their essential requirements. Talking about the Federal poverty level is generally described as a fiscal or financial measure entrenched by the ministry of the United States of America that allows or make families or individuals eligible for availing certain benefits in the form of subsidies and aids. The Federal, Poverty level chart, sets a minimum amount required by a person for purchasing the essential requirements to maintain life like food, shelter, clothing and other necessities.

Facts and ideas about the Federal Poverty Level (FPL).

  • Every year the Government of the United States of America along with The United States Census Board publishes a report on the poverty level in the country. The United States Census Board serves the nation in providing statistical analysis and data interpretation about its people and the state. The Census Board evaluates percentage or number of population of people who are poor, people living below the poverty level concerning location, age, gender, etc. The report published by the census Board also provides an analysis of data based on financial disparity or financial inequality of people in that fiscal year. Generally, in January of every year the federal poverty level chart is published. The publication of the report summarized by the Commission of Health and Human Services. HHS usually considers the size of the household as well as the specific income of the family to publish the report.

What is the Commission of Health and Human Services (HHS)?

  • The commission of Health and Human Services (HHS), the preeminent agency of the Government of the United States of America invested with the responsibility to protect the health and related conditions of the citizens dwelling in the United States of America as well as it provides crucial human services to the people of the country. The unit of Health and Human Services consists of two main operating divisions-
    i) Public Health Service department
    ii) Human services division.
    The Public Health Service division consists of some essential divisions –
    a) National Institute of Health (NIH) which is one of the arch organisation engaged in the research process. It supports more than thirty thousand research projects all over the nation.
    b) Center for Disease Control as well as prevention- It helps the government as well as the country to monitor health scenario and to prevent the outbreak of diseases across the country.
    c) The third most important division is the Food and Drugs Administration that helps to maintain the standards and safety of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, medical devices as well as food items in the country.
    d) The Bureau for disease registry and toxic substances assists the state in reducing exposure or disclosure from hazardous wastes. The agency also helps the government in conducting assessments related to the health of the public, conducting surveillance on public health issues as well as providing training sessions to communities based on health and related sectors.

Why is the agency of Health and Human Services necessary? The HHS offers or issues necessary guidelines for poverty every year based on the report published by the Census Board. Apart from this, its various wings and chapters provide proper scrutiny and care on the healthcare sector of the country.

Why is the Federal Poverty Level required?

The Federal, Poverty level report, is quite crucial for the country as it helps to determine the financial position of the Americans, their level of income and expenses. It also helps to provide a substantial report on who qualifies for the subsidies stated by the authority, child health care program, Medicaid program, food subsidy plans and programs as well as family and related planning services. Federal Poverty level and its impact on the health sector. The report issued every year on the number of families and individuals thriving with low income or individuals and families who cannot live up to the threshold that defines poverty has a lot to affect the health and related sector of the State. The federal poverty level report states to explain certain situations or parameters where vital medical subsidy programs like Medicaid, Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and related services is essential for an extension.

  1. i) People are thriving below 138 per cent FPL – If someone earns or have an income below the percentage of 138 of the Federal Poverty Level, then the Medicaid program can be effectively extended to those.
  2. ii) Income level below 100 per cent FPL– If your income is not up to 100 per cent of the federal poverty level or if you are not eligible for income or savings base Medicaid program in the marketplace or through the exchange still you can apply through certain provisions made as per the rules of the government’s new policy.

iii) Earning remaining between 100 to 400 per cent of FPL– If your drawing is matching this parameter, and then you are eligible to apply for tax credits and curtail your monthly charges for the health insurance policies. It is quite crucial or essential understanding that the level of poverty is something different from poverty guidelines or norms. Poverty norms help to explain the terms and conditions that determine the level of debt in a country. The poverty level in the United States is  defined by its geographical location as well as its population. And, the Federal Poverty graph of America has indeed marked an ache in the health and medical sector of the country.

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