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Learn How Pre-Existing Patients are Treated Under Obama Care

Learn How Pre-Existing Patients are Treated Under Obama Care ​

The year 2010, witnessed a remarkable stride in the healthcare segment of the United States. In March, new healthcare reform floated in the States under the supervision of the then President of America, Barak Obama. The change nicknamed as Obama Health Care Reform. In the United States, the reform executed under the United States Congress. Previously Obamacare was known as The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). And the plan with due consideration from President Obama gathered momentum and achieved prominence. “Obamacare” the pseudonym of Affordable Care Act transformed the healthcare and health insurance sector in the country. The term “Obamacare” was first introduced by the opponents and the president later himself embraced the word. The Affordable Care Act’s major provisions came into the field and mainly changed the healthcare and health insurance sector. Obamacare helped to increase the number of ordinary people holding a health insurance policy. As a result of which the population without healthcare insurance or uninsured area of the mass decreased rapidly. According to analysis and reports around 20 million people after the reforms came under the coverage of health insurance because ACA made it mandatory for citizens to hold a health insurance policy. The boost was also due to the introduction of new taxes, rate cuts, new investments to the Medicare provider and Medicare Advantage plan. This rise also majorly changed the financial as well as the budget sector of the health industry in the United States of America. It revamped the individual insurance market; people purchased their policies and Medicaid which is a program for the lower income group in America expanded rapidly. In general, there is thinking or sense of thought that Obamacare has only affected or has made a mark in the health insurance segment of the society. But it has significantly altered the healthcare sector of the country. According to some reports, the reform reduced the overall deficit in the budget and annulment of ACA can change the insights of the budget and can increase related deficiencies. Obamacare or Affordable Care Act not only marked a sign of improvement in the budget but also it acted on the development of the healthcare section as well as detailed costing and growth in the healthcare section of the nation. The ACA law also worked and changed the way of several delivery systems in the segment of healthcare. With the effect of the law, the overall expense in the section of healthcare decreased and slowed down by the betterment of facilities in the genre. But the ACA or Obama care reform practically touches more than the healthcare segment it affects almost every related industry in America. Starting from hospitals to doctors and related and relevant sectors come under the purview of the ACA law and reforms. The Obama care reform primarily aimed to retain the policies or norms involved in Medicare, Medicaid as well as the plans made by the employer market. The law compelled the insurance market and the insurers to charge the rates as prescribed by the statements of the law. Every policyholder as well as policy seller after the introduction of the legislation became bound to or were compelled to follow the stated norms disregarding pre-existing conditions of people. As a result of which the beneficiaries of the health insurance sector faced certain adversities. And to the fray with the resultant adverse effect, specific mandates were introduced in the market that declared “essential health benefits”. However, to add further benefits to the citizens especially of Lower income group as denoted by the Federal Poverty Line certain premium subsidies were announced under the law.

The main motto of Obama Care

  • Obama care is mainly based or focused on two things that are – expanding the health insurance sector among ordinary people, to cover the maximum number of people under the roof of health insurance. And to rapidly change the procedure or practice of paying doctors and physicians under the Federal system along with regulating or monitoring the allied sectors medical sector like cost involved or incurred from types of machinery used for treating patients with specific ailments and injuries. Apart from increasing the health insurance sector, the focus is also on curbing down unnecessary expense and care that is not suitable or required for the healthcare industry. But still, the subject line is under examination and has become a matter of debate among the economists focused on this sector. The Obama healthcare reform mainly focused on private-public rather than employer-based coverage. The individual mandate of Obamacare supported millions of people to achieve a health care program under its purview.

Regulations under Obama care

  • 1) Obama care guarantees a consistent and same premium for every individual under the same age group in spite of them having any pre-existing conditions. 2) Under the Affordable Care Act or Obama care, individual children, who were not having any health insurance from their families hitherto can now apply for and purchase one. 3) Under Obama care special care or screening, options or service are present to take or consider health issues of women seriously. 4) Obama care also provides certain essential health benefits to its citizens that involve skilled care from nurses in hospitals, maternity as well as childcare, providing emergency services like ambulance and doctor care. The essential care also includes services of mental and behavioural health, reduced cost of prescription drugs as well as other wellness programs. 5) The Affordable Care Act or Obama care precludes policyholders from the crumbing policy at the time of their sickness or when they fell sick. 6) However, the act has proved to be beneficial for people diagnosed with pre-existing conditions. For example, if you are suffering from a significant ailment like cancer or tuberculosis then under the guidelines of the Obama care you will be eligible to hold a healthcare plan at a regularised or standardised rate of premium. Interpretation of pre-existing condition under Obama care Reform The pre-existing condition under the act states to be a particular condition where a patient is suffering from certain health conditions preceding or prior of applying for health insurance policy. Obama care further defines a pre-existing condition to be a situation where a patient is suffering from a specific life- taking or threatening ailments like that of cancer or people with a weak heart condition or who suffered from heart attack. The purview of the pre-existing condition also covers people having or suffering from blood sugar, blood pressure, poor vision problem, etc. Previously, under such a circumstance people were denied any medical policy after their application. Before the launching of ACA, laws were not made to include such patients under the purview of healthcare policy. Earlier medical treatment of patients suffering from pre-existing or chronic ailments was quite high that restricted patients from availing treatments. But after launching of the Affordable Care Act, it showed a sigh of relief among such people.

Outcome or effect of Obama cares for people with pre-existing conditions.

  • People who are now availing medical insurance with pre-existing conditions would be profoundly affected instead say they will lose their healthcare policy if reforms of Obama care or Affordable Care Act abolished. Insurance providing companies are now bound, or they cannot deny patients with such pre-existing conditions. But the question may arise on this issue that how these insurance companies will manage the cost incurred by these patients? To solve the problem or to answer the question insurance companies have noticed that Obama care has made health insurance compulsory or mandatory for everyone. As a result of which these insurance companies are making business more with a healthy population of the country, and the amount gained from the more active section of the society who will not submit claims will help to cover the expenses of the pre-existing patients. Under the protection of Affordable Care Act or ACA, no insurance company or no individual insurance provider can claim extra bucks from patients with life-threatening diseases or suffering from pre-existing conditions. The pre-existing condition even covers patients with life-threatening illnesses or suffering from pre-existing conditions. The pre-existing condition also covers patients detected or diagnosed with pregnancy. The health sector in the United States of America has received a much awaited significant boost up from ACA that was somewhere lacking. After the introduction of the bill, the insurance service providers prohibited from fixing a certain limit annually for providing service to the pre-existing patients that proved to be beneficial for people.

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