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Lakeland, Florida Obamacare Insurance

Obamacare Insurance Enrollment in Lakeland, Florida

The name Lakeland depicts the presence of lakes in the land. Actually, Lakeland witnesses a presence of thirty-eight lakes within its territory. The city is located in the Polk County of Florida, the United States of America. It is the westernmost city in the Polk County along Tampa Bay area. The geographical location of the town says that it is located between Tampa and Orlando and has a growing level of population count. In the year 2007, the land was chosen as the All-American County. Some of the important and most visited lakes of Lakeland are Hollingsworth, Lake Mirror, Lake Morton and Lake Wire in the downtown area of the city. 

These lakes provide the residents with great recreational options. Area or stretch of the city. As per the reports of the United States Census Bureau, the city consists of an area of 67 sq mi or 173.5 sq kilometer, out of which 45.84 sq mi or 118.7 square kilometer is the portion of land and 5.61 sq mi is covered by water. Lakeland is located within Central Florida’s Highlands region of the Atlantic coastal plain, with a smooth contour consisting of flatland sprinkled with rolling hills. Zip codes of the city. The city uses zip codes 33801 to 33815 with an area code of 863 to denote its locations and addresses. Population count of the land. 

Lakeland is a principal town in the Lakeland–Winter Haven Metropolitan Statistical Area. And being the principal city it witnesses a rising or growing population. In the year 2013 as per the United States Census Board report, the population count of the land was around 623,009people and the number is on the verge of rising in the current scenario. A brief history of the land. The city of Lake land found its inception in the year 1883. A Kentucky businessman named Abraham G. Munn visited the land and purchased around eighty acres of land. In the land, he gradually started developing small houses and in later years that took the shape of a well developed or well-groomed city. The residents of the town to make an honor proposed to keep the name Munnville after him. 

However, he denied the name and the current name Lakeland was imparted to the city. Places of tourist interest in the city. The town has a number of destinations of tourist attractions. It is a hotshot tourist destination and is famous for its tourism over the cosmos. The notable places of visit are-

1. i) Circle B Bar Reserve.
2. ii) Hollis Garden

iii) Lake Parker Park with the bounty of natural view amazes the tourists.

1. iv) Munn Park
2. v) Circle B.Car reserve.
3. vi) Common Ground Park.

Medical facilities of the land. The city of Lakeland is a well-groomed town with newfangled medical equipment and services. The city of Lakeland has witnessed a rapid increase in registration numbers for Obama care health insurance plans and during the Open Enrollment period of 2018 the town has helped Florida to achieve a striking number of 1.7 million of people opting for health insurance plans.

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