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Lake Wales, Florida Obamacare Insurance

Obamacare Insurance Enrollment in Lake Wales, Florida

Lake Wales is a relatively small city in the state of Florida. It lies in Central Florida and falls under the jurisdiction of Polk County. To its west lies the river Kissimmee and to its east lies Tampa.


Lake Wales is spread across an area of 20.20 square miles of which 18.96 square miles is covered with land and 1.26 square miles is covered with water.


The population of Lake Wales is considered to be the lowest among all the other cities of Florida. In 2010, there were only 14225 residents in the city and it increased to only 15860 by 2017.


The History of Lake Wales began when a survey was conducted by Sidney Wailes around the year 1879. He renamed Lake Watts to Lake Wailes. The construction of the city was started by Lake Wales Land Company around the year 1911-1912. The plan of the city was developed by Allen Carleton Nydegger, who was a reputed Civil Engineer of those times. However, commerce began after a depot was built on the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad which connected the Haines City with Everglades City. Places to See As the population of Lake Wales is very low, hence it is not the most happening cities of Florida like Miami or Orlando, but still there are a decent number of local attractions that this city has to offer. Some of them are: Bok Tower Gardens Spook Hill Camp Mack’s River Resort Hotel Grand The Shrine of St. Anne des Lacs Apart from these Lake Wales also hosts a famous history museum which is home to a wide variety of artifacts and exhibits ranging from the pre-Columbian era to modern times. 

The lack of jostling night life and huge crowd serve to be a boon for the tourists who want to take a break from their hectic daily life and spend some days amidst nature. Education Lake Wales had a total of 4675 students as of 2017. Hence, to provide proper education to the young people, there are 12 schools and 2 major universities in the city. They are: Warner University Webber International University Lake Wales High School The Vanguard School Edward Bok Academy Healthcare Scenario There are many well reputed hospitals in Polk County. Some are mentioned below: Dr Lama Medical Center Winter Haven Hospital Florida Regional Medical Center Winter Haven Ambulatory Surgical Center Women’s Wellness Center Apart from these there are many retirement homes around the city for the old age people. Retirement parks have also been built to make the elderly people feel comfortable. 

The medical expenses of these elderly people are taken care by the government sponsored Medicaid program, which offers free of cost treatment for all persons above age 65. Under the affordable Care Act, launched in 2013 Medicaid programs have been largely expanded. Not only have the elderly but normal people also benefitted hugely from the ACA. Insurance plans have lowered down a considerable extent. New plans have been introduced and subsidies are been provided to those who cannot afford a decent medical treatment.

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