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How To Enroll In an Obamacare Plan Last Minute

How To Enroll In an Obamacare Plan Last Minute

There are a lot of options to enroll for an insurance plan offered under the Affordable Care Act.

Options to Enroll


Perhaps the best way to enroll to an insurance plan under the Obamacare Act is via the Marketplace i.e. the website hosted by the State or Federal Government. For the states that have their own marketplace, enrollees should go for that, as it will contain the plan details pertaining to that particular state. However, in the event that a state doesn’t have its own website, enrollees can always check out the website hosted by the federal government.

Steps to Enroll Online

The first step is to set up an online account. To do so one has to provide some information and choose a valid user id and password and configure some security questions as an added measure.
The second step is to fill up an online application which can be found in the website. This form will ask for personal details of the enrollee along with the annual family income, existing health issues (if any) and personal details of all other family members.
The third step is to compare between all the available plans and to check the eligibility for subsidies and cost sharing assistance. Details of all the plans will be readily available along with the details about monthly premiums and out-of-pocket costs.
The last step is to select a suitable plan that meets all the medical requirements of the family and enroll for it. If someone qualifies for some government relief programs like Medicaid or CHIP a government personnel will contact them.
If someone is unable to decide or have some doubts then one can check out the marketplace guide online or contact any representative over a toll free number


Another way to enroll is to give a call on the toll free number (1-800-318-2596) provided in the onsite marketplace. It is a 24/7 available help line only dedicated for resolving issues related to Obamacare and for providing assistance in purchasing a plan.


Another last minute way to enroll is via email. Once an individual has finalized the plan he is going to purchase, he should immediately send an email to the respective authority with all the personal details of the family and ask them to do the further steps.


The last option is to visit the nearby Obamacare centre and enroll for a plan. Every state host their own enrollment centers whose addresses are provided in the state hosted website. One should always check the website to know about the center nearest to their place of residence.

One thing has to be kept in mind that all enrollments should be done during the open enrollment period. The open enrollment period is declared every year and lasts for 45 days. All defaulters except the ones who have qualified for special enrollment period are obligated to enroll within the Open Enrollment period or have to look for a private source to purchase a n insurance if not otherwise covered by their employers.

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