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How Obamacare Does Affects Children and Young Adults?

How Obamacare Does Affects Children and Young Adults?

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care law known as Obamacare was passed on March 23 in the year 2010.  The legislation was passed under the care of the then president of the United States of America Mr. Barak Obama. It made a remarkable strike in the health insurance sector of the country. The bill is a kind of landmark reform that passed under the 111th Congress under the guidelines of Obama. The Act or the legislation includes a long list of provisions, rules, and regulations stated mainly with an aim to improve the health scenario of the country. Under its various sections and subsections sating rules and policies for almost every genre of the society the bill also mentioned specific provisions for the children as well as the young adults.

What does Obamacare speak about young adults?

Under section 2714 of the Affordable Care Act, the legislation states to extend dependable coverage. It states that a health insurance service provider extending medical insurance coverage to children are liable to provide health insurance benefits to an adult child if he or she is not married and has not yet attained an age of 26 years.

Previously many health plans and health insurance service issuers did, in fact, removed young adults from their parents’ policies as of their age, thus many college graduates and young adults were left with no health insurance plans or policies. But after the advent of the health insurance policy by President Obama, the young adults dependent on their parents and has not attained the age of 26 were included were provided with dependent coverage.

The general problems faced by Young adults without health insurance policy.

Some of the problems faced by young adults without any health insurance policy are as follows-

i) Health and financial condition of the uninsured young adults- The uninsured young adults often faces problems while paying medical bills. People in their younger age may often face chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, etc. and while treating these diseases the treatment process may become expensive for them and having an insurance can help in the process of treatment.

ii) Having the lowest rate of access to employer-based health insurance- The young adults faces a transition point of graduating from college and getting a job. Most of the adults during this phase are employed with either part-time jobs, entry-level jobs or jobs in small business that usually does not provide any kind of health insurance policy to the employers and this can lead to face problems.

What facilities does ACA provide for young adults?

The ACA norms provide some benefits to young adult’s like-

i) Young adults with low income can file income tax with their parents and qualify for CHIP program if their parents do not qualify for Marketplace.

ii) The law states that children or young adults under the age of 19 must be provided with pediatric dental and vision care on every health insurance plans.

iii) Young adults who don’t file taxes with their parents may qualify for Medicaid pan based on income.

iv) Young adults under ACA can stay on their parent’s health insurance plans until they attain the age of 26 years.

The Affordable care act has indeed helped the young adults and children to attain a healthy and affordable medical options and enjoy a healthy life.

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