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How Is Unpaid Medical Bills Reduced Under the Affordable Care Act?

How Is Unpaid Medical Bills Reduced Under the Affordable Care Act?

In March 2010 a new healthcare reform drifted or came into being in the States under the supervision of the then President of America, Barak Obama. The transformation nicknamed as Obama Health Care Reform. In the United States, the improvement executed under the United States Congress. The bill of Obama care was a landmark reform in the health segment of the nation passed under the 111th Congress and guidelines of President Barak Obama.


The Obama care health insurance program has changed the entire scenario as well as the landscape of the medical and health care sector of the United States of America over the last eight years. The name or the term Obama care is very much appropriate to the radical changes that it made in the health sector of the country. It created new norms and regulations for almost every individual, the employer as well as insurance providers dwelling in the land. It narrated to provide health insurance benefits to everyone in America. As per the analysis or report published by the HHS or the Department of Health and Human Services, the gradual expansion of the Medicaid program, as well as the increased and enhanced coverage under the ACA, has gradually led to the reduction of unpaid health care bills. And, this has indeed helped many hospitals, health care or primary care centers as well as taxpayers in saving billions of dollars.


How did the Affordable Care Act help in reduction of unpaid hospital bills?


As per a study conducted and an analysis was done by the Common Wealth Fund it states that due to the expansion of the Medicaid program under the provisions of ACA reduced the cost of uncompensated care in the hospitals of the United States of America. The study or the analysis revealed that the expansion of the Medicaid program reduced the costing of hospitals approximately by 6.2 million dollars that is quite a huge value.   


AS per certain data analysis made by ASPE it states or says that approximately around 5 billion dollars Medicaid expansion comes from the twenty-eight states which have expanded Medicaid plan as well as from Washington DC.  And the scenario or condition depicts a 26percent reduction in spending of uncompensated care expenses. The study also says that from twenty-two non-Medicaid-expanded states a graph of 16% reduction can be witnessed in uncompensated care and spending and also a 32% of total savings can be witnessed.    


How Medicaid expansion has helped the people of the nation?


The Medicaid plan or program in the health insurance sector under Obama care health reforms is the second largest health care program that effectively helped the Americans with 50% of the Federal Poverty Level to gain or achieve health insurance policies and it is also the third largest poverty-reducing program.


But indeed the Medicaid program or the Obama care health reform legislation has helped the nation to enhance medical services, reduce the cost of medical expenses as well as reduce unpaid Medicaid bills.

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