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Health Insurance Options

If you have been looking for more information about Obamacare health plans in the state of Florida, you have come to the right place. Obamacare Enrollment is designed to help connect consumers who are in need of affordable healthcare insurance with the top-notch insurance companies that provide health insurance through the Obamacare plan.

While many people simply refer to this amazing healthcare insurance law as Obamacare, it is actually called the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. It was signed into law by President Barack Obama in 2010 to provide healthcare insurance for anyone who needs it while reducing the amount of money that was being spent by American families with an average lower income on uncompensated care. The original plan included an individual mandate that included a tax penalty for any person who did not have health insurance in place each year, but that mandate was eliminated by President Donald Trump in 2017. While that repeal is still in place currently, there are many states that still have an individual mandate in place, including California, Minnesota, Maryland, Hawaii, Rhode Island, Washington, and Connecticut. Some states have opted to provide Medicaid expansion for their citizens that allows single adults with no children or any other dependents to be able to obtain health insurance through the Medicaid program.

How We Can Help You

The health insurance agents at Obamacare Enrollment will assist Florida residents, as well as residents in a variety of other states, in obtaining a healthcare plan that is right for them and their situation. The agents are experienced and qualified in the health insurance field and will review customers' plans so that any necessary updates can be made to their plans for the new year. They will advise you on which health care plans are available for you, including free health insurance plans that will work best for your income level and the amount of healthcare insurance you are in need of at this time.

The agents work with all of the top health insurance carriers throughout the United States to be able to provide consumers with the best and most affordable health insurance plans within their income levels. The world of health insurance can be very hard to navigate, which is where the agents at Obamacare Enrollment come in so that consumers are not taken advantage of and do not end up paying more money out of pocket than they would need to otherwise.

Obamacare Open Enrollment

The open enrollment period for the Obamacare plan runs from November 1st every year to the middle of December and allows anyone in need of healthcare insurance to log onto the Marketplace website to enroll in the program that is best for them. If you do not enroll in a plan during this time period, you may not be eligible for healthcare insurance through the Marketplace unless you have experienced a qualifying event which can include a death in the family, the birth of the baby, the loss of a job, and many other factors.

Obama Care Metal Levels

The Affordable Care Act has a piece to it that allows smaller group and individual health insurance policies to be rated through a metal ranking system that is based on the value of each health insurance plan. These could include plans that are sold on the Marketplace exchange as well as plans sold outside of the Marketplace.

Actuarial Value Ranges for Metal Level Plans include:
  • Bronze: 56-62%
  • Expanded Bronze: 56-65%
  • Silver: 66-72%
  • Gold: 76-82%
  • Platinum: 86-92%

This means that members who then enroll in a bronze plan will pay approximately 40 percent of the cost, but if they have a silver plan, they will only be responsible for 30 percent of the plan's costs. A member on a gold plan will only pay 20 percent of the cost, while the insurance companies within the platinum plan will only pay 10 percent of the cost for care. These percentages apply to the entire standard population you are covered under each plan, not individual people. People that have very little overall health care needs will normally pay a larger share for their healthcare costs since they will have a higher deductible, while a person that has a lot of health care treatments and costs throughout the year may only have to pay a tiny percent of the total cost while the health care plan will cover the majority of their expenses.

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Contact the professional and trustworthy healthcare agents at Obamacare ACA to assist you in choosing the correct health insurance policy for you and your family. Each agent will spend time speaking with you to evaluate your situation and income level to obtain a health insurance policy for you that is affordable and provides the best type of healthcare coverage for you and your family. Call today or visit the website to get the process of shopping health insurance plans for individuals or families today!
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Article By: Byron Johnson