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Compare Medicare to Obamacare

Compare Medicare to Obamacare

Health care is a critical section or genre that needs proper care and attention. Every nation needs to consider and plan the healthcare sector deeply to provide necessary medical guidance under its realm or umbrella. Each year almost every country spends millions of bucks in the healthcare segment for ensuring proper medical benefits to its citizens. Health tops the priority list of every country because without good human resource we cannot expect a nation to progress in its future endeavours. Like every country, the United States of America has set up its plans and policies that have wholly defined the healthcare sector of the USA. The most remarkable health care reforms that are considered to be epic are Obama Health Care Reform that is also known as or has been given an official name of the Affordable Care Act as Patient Protection Act. The ACA was adopted in the year 2010 in March by President Obama. The main motto of Obama care was to regularise or to standardise healthcare industry in the States and to bring almost every citizen under the coverage of health insurance. Obama care explores the health industry by pertaining legal protection in the healthcare sector.

Medicare is another health care reform undertaken by the Federal Government.

The main aim of Medicare was to provide a subsidised rate of medical benefits and treatments to patients who have attained an age of 65 years or above. Medicare envelops different wellness programs and policies and offers familiar public at a variety of rates and prices. The Federal Government introduced Medicare in the year 1965. Congress has created the plan under the norms or regulations of Social Security Act. According to reports, Medicare provides supports to over fifty million people in America. The Medicare program predominantly comes in two parts or sections – Part A and Part B.  This is more often known as original Medicare by people. Medicare Part A covers or encompasses costs incurred or bills raised by hospitals for different healthcare facilities including services by nurses and other competencies. Medicare Part B entitles the cost that is generally incurred by visits from doctors or physicians in outpatient departments. At cases, it can also include expenses incurred due to the procurement of medical supplies. Medicare Part C states the provision of Medigap plan where a patient needs to purchase the program to support some extra expenditure. This provision is known to the familiar public as Medicare Advantage. Medicare provides coverage to the costings of drugs under the arrangement of Medicare Part D.

There are specific issues that differentiate Obama care and Medicare –

1) Obama Care considered including patients with previously existing ailments like cancer and other diseases under its periphery. In a similar note Medicare under its part, A and B also find patients and insures them with pre-existing conditions. But the difference lies in the Health plan covering prescribed drugs. Obamacare offers coverage to prescribed medications whereas Original Medicare lacks in providing insurance facility. 2) While comparing costs in the healthcare segment Medicare can be cost-effective as per its provision stated in Part A it is generally free of charge if somebody has made payment for at least ten years. And it also looks after or considers the income of its citizen, the premium charges as stated in Part B based on the revenue of a citizen. Likewise, Obamacare, on the other hand, is beneficial as it provides tax subsidies to an insurance holder to lower-income individuals. But if you are sixty-five years or more then only can apply for Medicare plans whereas, Obamacare plans don’t provide any such constraints.

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