Aetna Insurance Review

Aetna Insurance Offerings

Fortunately, health insurance, dental and vision policies are still available. In addition to their policies, Aetna insurance is proud to provide an easy-to-use online portal. They also deliver health tracking apps that will allow clients to remain proactive (as opposed to reactive) regarding safety and well-being.

A few common threads emerge when Aetna’s services are compared to the competition. Their financial ratings are always above average, and there are fewer customer complaints than expected. Meanwhile, if you are currently enrolled in Medicare parts A and B, Aetna can provide additional coverage. These plans are designed to cover the gaps that tend to exist in these parts.

Existing Plans

It is important for prospective individuals and families to take the time to thoroughly read through their existing plans. This gives them the chance to learn everything they need to know, so they can choose the best plan for their needs. Aetna’s Medicare Advantage and Supplement policies are some of the best Medicare Advantage coverage available in the current marketplace. There are three plans for those who select Aetna’s Medicare Advantage: PPO, HMO and HMO-POS. All of these policies provide dental, hearing and vision coverage. HMO policyholders must use an in-network practitioner, while PPO and HMO-POS holders have a bit more latitude. Medicare Supplement plans are on hand for anyone looking for something a bit different from the Medicare Advantage packages. With seven different Supplements plans to choose from, clients are sure to find the best choice. Dental insurance policies are also available on a stand-alone basis, while vision insurance plans are offered in conjunction with the client’s employer.

Dental Insurance

Aetna’s dental insurance policies fully cover all preventive services such as dental exams, fluoride treatments and X-rays. This keeps all out-of-pocket costs at an absolute minimum. Anyone who wants to remain on top of their plan can also download the Attain by Aetna app. Fitness goals can be tracked, allowing the policyholder to gain rewards for participating in healthy activities.


If you have any further questions on finding doctors, health forms or medicine, the Aetna website has you covered. Thanks to its many policy options, user-friendly app and website, and lack of customer complaints, Aetna has been able to stand alone for quite some time.

That’s why so many clients rely on them for their health insurance-related needs. They are financially strong, can pay out any claims they receive and can guide all of their clients in the direction that is best for them!

Bottom Line

Choosing a good health insurer and insurance policy can help keep your medical bills affordable. We highly recommend the United Health Insurance plan. It has many plans to choose from, including United Obamacare, making it easy and convenient to find affordable medical coverage. Plus, it offers health plans countrywide, so moving to a new state and enrolling in a new health plan is simple. Obamacare ACA recommends working with UnitedHealthcare because it’s strong financially and can pay out claims in the future. Contact us today if you have any questions!
Byron Johnson
Article By: Byron Johnson