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5 Different Ways to Apply for Obamacare

5 Ways to Apply for Obamacare

The mostly commonly asked question from individuals interested in Obamacare is simply “How do I apply?”.  Before you’re ready to apply, it is important to be mindful of “When to Apply” as well.  Enrollment into health insurance provided by the Affordable Care Act can only take place during the open enrollment period. This period lasted for 45 days, from the beginning of November until  the middle of December, in 2018. Individuals who do not comply with the policies pertaining to enrollment may be subjected to penalties and fines. There are exceptions to this time frame for individuals meeting special enrollment criteria. These individuals are granted the opportunity to enroll into coverage during any time of the year, without penalty. Now that you’re clear on when to apply, let’s explore your options for enrolling. A benefit of the  Obama Care Act is that it provides consumers with multiple enrollment options. These options include:


The most commonly utilized and most efficient enrollment option is via the online system.  This option provides the opportunity to check individual and family eligibility using simple,  virtual application forms from authentic government sites such as Individuals are also able to access their eligibility for subsidies and other government-provided medical assistance. This tool enables coverage seekers to compare the various plans available in their area and to select the option most suitable for their healthcare needs. There are virtual representatives available to clarify the details of the plans making for a personalized, convenient experience.  Contacting customer service via telephone is another convenient option for completing an application. Insurance providers utilize trained representatives to guide consumers through the steps for enrollment. Consumers may have have their questions and concerns addressed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using toll free numbers to connect with available representatives. 1-866-889-1312


Email is another great option for initiating the enrollment process. While the ACA enrollment cannot be completed via email, the application form can be downloaded from any government supported website. Completed applications must be mailed to the Health Department. It takes approximately two weeks to obtain eligibility results. Individuals utilizing the email option will require an online account or contact with a customer service representative to complete the enrollment process.

Personal Assistance

Personal assistance is available for individuals who prefer in-person service. Various insurance institutions throughout the nation, both public and private, have centers available for representatives to assist customers with application completion. These centers may be located on the health insurance marketplace websites by simply providing the postal code where the customer lives. Obamacare Enrollment Centers are also a great place to seek out professional assistance.

Job Based or Private

Private or job-based options enable customers to request a business or individual complete the enrollment process on their behalf. Private services can be completed via a payment directly to the individual or business completing the application. An individual may also request this service from their employer. Employers typically follow their own timelines for filing insurance coverage for its employees while private companies must adhere to the open enrollment period decided by the government.

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