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How to Sign Up for Obama Care 2019

How to Sign Up for Obama Care 2019

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care bill or Obama care under the guidelines of the then President of America Barak Obama has undergone through rapid and remarkable changes and has suffered repeated attempt to repeal the law from its opponents, but is still effectively operating throughout the year 2018. The uncertainty of the existence of the law has forced many to think twice while investing for the health insurance plan under Obama care. And if you are interested in appeal for Obama care then it is pertinent for you to understand how to sign up for Obama Care and its different options for enrollment.

When to sign up for Obama care in 2019?

Under the Affordable Care law, it is very much essential for an American to enroll or register for a health insurance policy. Currently, if you do not have a health insurance policy under the ACA bill, then there are two most crucial juncture when you can register your name for a health insurance policy. The first option for enlisting your name is – i) Through Open Enrollment Period or in short OEP. The yearly enrollment or Open enrollment process stated under the Affordable Care law or Obama care is a tenure or period when the citizens of the United States can sign up or register their names for health insurance plans or programs. The Affordable Care Act suggests Open Enrollment program or OEP to be the best time to sign up for a health insurance policy. Usually, the OEP cycle continues for around two to three months. But an exact period cannot be fixed for enrolment as it depends upon the authority.

ii) Another important way through which you can get yourself registered is through SEP or Special Enrolment Period. The SEP is not provided to any individual opting for a policy. Rather, they need to qualify for this period or tenure through special life events. Life events usually can be defined through the following events-

  1. In case any person dies in your health insurance plan that can cause you to lose eligibility for your current health insurance coverage can qualify for SEP.
  2. If a person has lost qualified health coverage provided by the government like health insurance plan like Medicaid, Medicare or it may be the Children Health Insurance Program or in short CHIP.
  3. c) If a person is getting married or divorced and is losing a qualified health plan for that reason then he or she can opt through SEP.
  4. d) If a person has adopted a child, having a foster child or having a baby then that individual can opt for SEP.

Important dates for signing up.

The Open Enrollment Period for 2019 has started since November 1 and will continue till December 15. This year the citizens will have a shorter enrollment period as the Trump administration has shortened the tenure.

How to sign up for Obama care?

If you wish to sign up for Obama Care health insurance plan then you can do so either by an approved web broker, using a state’s marketplace exchange or by using  

By going through or by following the discussed steps one can easily register their names for health insurance policy.

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