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Obamacare Open Enrollment 2022

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Enrolling into an Obamacare Plan:

What You Need To Know

Obamacare insurance has specific open enrollment periods throughout the United States and during this period, you can choose from the different health care plans that are available under the Affordable Care Act individually or for a family.

However, before you enroll, there are some key things you need to know about the enrollment process and these factors will be clearly outlined.

Frequently Asked Questions

Obamacare Open Enrollment takes place during a certain period of time in most states. For 2022, the open enrollment for 2023 will begin on November 1st, and will go on till January 15th.

During the open enrollment process, you can choose from a variety of health insurance plans for individuals or family. You can get help from the health insurance marketplace and also get direct assistance from health insurance brokers, agents or navigators.

he Obamacare subsidies are available to individuals and families that qualify on certain conditions. These subsidies reduce your out-of-pocket expenses. If you already have subsidies, it is still advisable to reapply in case of changes in your income or other factors.

If you already have an existing coverage, it is advisable to review your coverage options during the open enrollment periods because new and improved plans may become available while some coverage plans might even be canceled or have new rates. Your previous health care plan might no longer be suitable for your budget or your medical needs. Click here to contact an Obamacare Enrollment Center.

If you miss the Obamacare Open enrollment for 2018, you might have to go through the year without a health care plan. The only possible option you might have is if you qualify for health insurance when you go through a qualifying life event. These qualifying life events include; divorce, marriage, new birth, child adoption, or changes to your income.

To get personal help with the enrollment process, you can contact professional health insurance agents, brokers, and navigators from online websites like or The health insurance agents or brokers can suggest coverage plans the suit you while the navigators can only make the coverage options known to you and sign up for your preferred coverage plan but they cannot suggest health care plans for you.


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I am authorizing a licensed Health Insurance Agent to review, to submit into a free plan or to refer my Health Insurance enrollment to a qualified entity whenever deemed necessary. I as a customer allow access to my or Medicaid accounts to make any updates/uploads as necessary and also to review and advise year to year, using any and all reasonable efforts to ensure that I the customer have a sound decision in my Healthcare plan for the year. I as the customer agree that I qualified for one of the many SEP’s during the year of 2022. (Ex: qualified for unemployment, Covid 19, Etc) I as a customer acknowledge receipt of HIPPA Privacy Information at the time of enrollment. By filling out and providing my personal information and signing, I certify that all of the above information is correct to the best of my knowledge and I give authorization to be enrolled into a free health insurance plan.

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